Widowmaker Marksman

jack frost from the PP forums posted a spoiler about the new Widowmaker Marksmen

"same as widowmakers except +1 rat stealth vanar liberator same as widowmaker rifle except +2 pow has camo sniper swift hunter (after killing with normal ranged advance up to 2inches) leadership widowmakers: when in this models command range widowmakers gain swift hunter"


"1 more point than a wardog"

If the rumors are true, we're getting a solo who looks like this:

image from Privateer Press

Widowmaker Marksman
FA: 1, PC: 2, small base
SPD 6, STR 5, MAT 4, RAT 8, DEF 14, ARM 11, CMD 8

Advance Deployment?, Pathfinder?, Camouflage, Sniper, Stealth, Swift Hunter

Leadership Widowmakers: When in this model's command range Widowmakers gain Swift Hunter.

Vanar Liberator
RNG 14, ROF 1, AOE -, POW 12
POW 3, P+S 8

The spoiler wasn't clear on whether this guy has Advance Deployment and Pathfinder. jack frost starts off saying that he's the same as Widowmakers with the following differences, but then lists some abilities that Widowmakers have. Who knows.

There was some unhappiness on the forums about this guy. I think a lot of people were hoping for a more powerful gun and what they got was a model who costs as much as two Widowmakers but doesn't, on first blush, out perform them.

I think he's a pretty cool model. He increases the range on Widowmakers by 2" (14" for the shot, then move back 2") and there isn't much that will catch them from 16" away. He certainly doesn't put out the hurt like two Widowmakers do, but you're paying a little extra to make them a better unit.

Generally I put my Widowmakers in cover somewhere, and between cover and Camouflage this guy will be sitting at DEF 18. Add Stealth into that and you have a very survivable problem for your opponent to deal with. Since he's hanging out alone he'll be harder to hit with scattering AOEs and he can't really be shot at directly because of Stealth, so it's going to take some focused resources to silence his gun. Again, he doesn't have the same killy potential as two Widowmakers but if my opponent has to divert a combat unit or 'jack to come over and deal with him I think he's earning his points.

RAT 8 (or 10 with aiming) is going to his DEF 15 (17 with aiming) on normal rolls, and POW 12 will deal 5 points of damage to ARM 14 on normal rolls. I say 5 points because that's what many pesky solos have for health. So, on normal rolls, this guy can be killing DEF 15-17, ARM 14 solos on his own. With higher ARM solos, he can team up with a few Widowmakers to get the job done, something 4 Widowmakers can't always do.

Finally, for 8 points you can get Kell, the Marksman, and 4 Widowmakers and assign 7 points of damage wherever you'd like. That's more than a column of damage on even the biggest 'jacks and enough to decimate a unit of infantry. Pretty awesome.

I'll probably try him both as a substitute for Kell's 2 points and in addition to him for a big sniper contingent.