April Fools Tournament

There is another Warmachine / Hordes tournament at my local store on April 3rd that I'm planning to attend. Since it is the April Fool's tournament the format is not typical:
  • Bring 3 different 'casters from the same faction (epic and non-epic versions of the same 'caster count as being the same).
  • Build a 35 point list using the 'caster with the lowest available warjack points.
  • Each round you will randomly determine which 'caster to use.
This doesn't sound like a very serious tournament but it does sound like a lot of fun. Here's the list I'm looking at:

Kodiak (8)
Spriggan (10)
Great Bears (5)
Doom Reavers (6)
Greylord Ternion (4)
Koldun Lord (2)
Kell Bailoch (2)
Man-O-War Drakhun (4)

I'm looking to use pButcher, Zerkova, and Strakhov.

I like to run three heavies with Butcher to get the most out of Full Throttle but here I'm losing a Kodiak and gaining a Drakhun and Doom Reavers. The list has a ton of weapon masters to take advantage of Butcher's feat, two 'jacks for Full Throttle, and some support pieces in the Greylords to help where Butcher can't.

I'm dropping the Demo Corp from my normal Strakhov list for the Doom Reavers. They're much faster but more fragile so I'm interested to see how they work out. It should also be fun to have a SPD 7 Drakhun running around on feat turn.

This is my wildcard because I've never actually used Zerkova. She needs self sufficient troops since she has no buffs (Great Bears fit this and Doom Reavers can't get supported anyway) and some baby sitters (Spriggan with Watcher and Drakhun should handle this). I'm going to test her out this weekend with this list and see what happens.