My Second Tournament - Great Success!

Steamroller 2010 - image from Privateer Press

Today I played in a Steamroller 2010 tournament at my local store. The format was 35 points and 2 'casters and I brought pButcher and Strakhov, knowing full well that I'd only be using Strakhov. Eight players showed up and everyone got in three games.

I thought there would be timed turns but there weren't which made me quite a bit less nervous about playing. I was correct about Strakhov being new and throwing people off and I think that helped me win my first two games (model unfamiliarity was also part of what cost me my last game). I lost in the finals to take second place overall!

Game 1 - Kill Box
6 Stormblades + UA
Journeyman Warcaster

pNemo - image from Privateer Press

My first pairing was against my recent nemesis pNemo. This was not the guy I've been playing lately but the list was similar. I put early pressure on the Lancer and was able to pin it down and kill its arc node with my Manhunter. I played very aggressively and kept my opponent on his back foot and reacting to me for the whole game. The Great Bears notched another Thunderhead kill and were the eventual killing blow to Nemo.

Game 2 - Destruction
6 Invictors + UA

Vyros - image from Privateer Press

I had never played against Retribution before and three heavies were were pretty intimidating. He spread out to minimize the effects of my feet, sending the 'jacks toward my left side objective and parking his Invictors on his right hand side.

I was planning to win by 'caster kill and not scenario and set up accordingly. He was in a better position early on, making a serious threat on my left objective with his Phoenix and holding me up well in the middle and right side. The game took a serious turn in my favor when my Spriggan totaled his Manticore on three unboosted attacks (I rolled 12, 10, 10).

On his next turn he tried to throw my Kodiak out of Strakov's control range but missed by about half an inch and got me within charge range of his left hand objective. The Kodiak wrecked it and my Manhunter put 15 damage on his right objective. His only option to win the game was to kill Strakhov (because on my next turn I'd get my second control point and win). It was tense for a second but he missed by about 7 health boxes.

This was my favorite game - I played my best here and my opponent was my favorite of the day.

Game 3 - Incursion
+Cyclops Brute
+Molik Karn
6 Cataphract Arcuarii
Tyrant Rhadiem

eMorghoul - image from Privateer Press

I was quite surprised to find myself in the finals, I knew my opponent was very good, and I didn't know what most of his army did - I think I psyched myself out for this game and lost before we even started.

He got a control point on his second turn and simultaneously blitzed my lines. There wasn't any way I was going to clear him off that point on my turn which meant he was going to win if I couldn't kill Morghoul. He was sitting at DEF 19 and even though I managed to charge him with my Spriggan I couldn't hit.

I finished 2-1 on the day and ended up in second place! I know I played well in my first two games and even though I was thrashed in the third I'm very pleased with my performance overall. Strakhov has definitely become my favorite 'caster to play.

Next weekend I'll be practicing with Zerkova for the April Fools tournament the following week.