Strakhov Spolied! (Again!)

After yesterday's post I've kept up on the threads relating to Strakhov on the PP forums. There was a lot of OMGWTFBBQPWN about the potential for 21" threat ranges on Khador's 'jacks so several people asked jack frost for some clarification.

Turns out, jack mis-posted and the actual feat reads more like this:

when friendly faction model(a) charges another model (b) while that model (b) is in strakhov's control area....+7 total charge

Suddenly those 21" threat ranges are a lot harder to work out. Strakhov now needs to get deep in enemy territory, probably using a charge and Sprint, to sling shot some other models forward. A bit dangerous for him if it doesn't work out but still quite devastating if it does.

The rewording (or correct wording) now just means that there is less of an auto-win button for Strakhov and players will need to finesse him a little more. Here are a few more changes and additions:

Strakhov has Pathfinder and his feat grants Pathfinder.

Sentry costs 2 focus to cast (and is an upkeep) on a friendly faction model (a). When an enemy model (b) ends its movement in LOS of that model (a), the model (a) can make a ranged attack and then Sentry expires.

I guess it's worth noting that jack types fast and loose so this could all change again. Exciting!