State of the Empire

I was reorganizing my mini shelves and transport bag this weekend and decided to get a photo of all the painted Khador I have. In total there are 68 points of painted models in the army and four painted 'casters - exciting!

I was also surprised to find that I only have three unpainted models kicking around for the army right now - Zerkova, a Spriggan, and a Man-O-War Drakhun.

left to right - Drakhun, Zerkova, Spriggan

These three models will get painted up as part of the Tale of Painters I'm participating on Librarium Online.

I have a few more things planned for the Khador army. I will definitely be adding a full unit of 10 Kayazy Assassins and Underboss to give me another infantry option, the Greylord Escort to my Doom Reaver unit, and a Wardog. I'm also thinking about adding the Widowmaker Marksman and the dismount option for my Drakhun but I'm not committed to either of those ideas.

That should get me through the next couple of months and close to the launch of Hordes MkII, at which point I'm seriously considering starting a Trolls army.