My New Troll Army

One of the historical wargamers at my local store was trying to get rid of his Troll army and I got a very sweet deal on 100+ points of Trolls and five warlocks! I won't be painting or playing with them until my Khador army is complete but it is exciting to be able to jump in feet first when that happens.

Troll stew

Currently sitting in a bucket of Simple Green I have:

pMadrak, Borka Kegslayer, and Grissel Bloodsong
a Dire Troll Mauler, an Earthborn Dire Troll, a Pyre Troll, and an Axer
8 Kiel Warriors, 10 Pyg Burrowers, 6 Krielstone Bearers, 3 Long Riders, and 5 Champions
a Fell Caller, and a Stone Scribe Chronicler

Waiting their turn for a bath on my shelf:

Grim Angus and pDoomshaper
a Bouncer, 2 Impalers, a Winter Troll, and a Dire Troll Blizter
10 Scattergunners and 10 Pyg Bushwackers

There are a few models I'd like to get to fill out the army (two more Kriel Warriors come to mind immediately) but this is a great start and I'm very excited!