May Summary

Painting for Points

This was another good month for me painting wise. I finished my Convict Gunslinger (who won a painting competition!) and a Troll Champion early before slowing down and working on a Spriggan and Dire Troll Mauler. That's another 12 points of painted models for the year, bringing my total to 40.

New Model Fund

I continue to be poorly disciplined here, but I also continue to be hopeful. This month I purchased the final models for my Khador army in some Kayazy and a few solos, and also a few Trolls to round out some holes in the army I bought. In total I bought $123.49 worth of models, which is a lot. However, I won't be buying any more Khador models for the foreseeable future and I don't need any more Troll models so I think I'll be capping my spending for the next few months.

My fund for June starts at a terrible -$121.26.