Tutorial: Speed Painting Trolls

Before I get started I should mention that this tutorial is not designed to make you a better painter, it is designed to teach you how to get your models painted quickly to a table top standard. You won't win any Golden Demons with this method but you will make some good steps towards having a painted army on the table.

With that out of the way, lets get started.

Step 1:
Prime black.
Black is super forgiving as an undercoat since anything you miss is just instant shadow. Let this dry fully.

Step 2:
Base coats.
Block in the major colors on your model. Neatness counts here so take an extra minute to keep your colors on the correct sections and clean up any mistakes. In the two photos below the left half is the base coat stage.

Step 3:
I wash the entire model heavily in brown and then all of the metal areas again in black. Be generous with your wash but don't go overboard. As the brown dries keep a brush nearby to clean off any areas that start to pool heavily. Make sure the brown dries completely before adding the brown - I'll usually wait 20 minutes before doing the black.

Step 4:
This is a personal thing and you can do whatever you'd like. I do a heavy drybrush with a light brown, a light drybrush with a bone color, and add a little static grass.

Optional Step 5:
On the model above I added a few quick highlights to some of the facial features to bring them out and draw attention there. The goal with this method is speed so for small models I do almost no extra highlighting but for some larger models with big spaces you might need to add a little something. I added a few highlights to the yellow and purple on my Mauler as well.

That's all there is to it. I painted the model in the photos over the course of a single evening. The paint job doesn't stand up to super up-close scrutiny but it looks good from three feet away. I've listed the colors used on this model below but you can use anything you'd like, just be sure your choices for base colors are light enough that the washes will show up.

Colors Used:
Khemri Brown - cloth
Iyaden Darksun - skin
Hormagaunt Purple - purple details
Tin Bitz / Boltgun Metal - metal
Bleached Bone - teeth / nails / details

Devlan Mud - entire model
Badab Black - metal