July Summary

Painting for Points
July started with 46 points. I was in a groove earlier this month getting through my Trolls for the Show Your Colors tournament so I painted up a minimum Krielstone Bearer unit and two Champions. Those models bring my total up to 52. I also started working on some Kayazy before my life exploded and most of my hobby time evaporated.

New Model Fund
I've still been working my way though the large amount of hobby dept I've accrued. I started July with -$71.26 and spent $54.12 on the new Hordes book, the Troll cards, and some models for a Cygnar army I've been thinking about starting (they were 20% off, how could I say no?!).

Normally that would take me to around $-75 but I'm going to forgive my debts because I made nice bit of cash selling all of those models in my most recent round of ebay sales. I'll be starting August with a clean slate of $0 dollars in the hobby fund.