October Summary

October was a pretty good month for me hobby wise. I managed to get to the LGS twice for some games (something I haven't been able to do much recently), paint a bunch, and stay on budget again!

New Model Fund
I started with $71.25 in October. I spent $33.99 on the new Trolls book and $35.94 on Horthol for my Breast Cancer Brawl list leaving me with $1.32 left in the bank. I'll start November with $50.66.

Painting for Points
Going into this month I was at 72 points - only 6 points shy of my total points from 2009. I painted an Earthborn Dire Troll, Troll Bouncer, and Grissel Bloodsong for 8 points total and a 80 for 2010. I've got a head start on 3 Long Riders and Horthol because they need to be done for next weekend, and that's another 9 points right there - maybe I can get 100 points by the end of December?