January Summary

Painting for Points
What a month for painting. I got through 36 models in less than a month as I prepped for Templecon 2011 (which I'm currently attending!). Here's what I finished:

Epic Doomshaper
10 Whelps
12 Scouts
Dire Troll Bomber
Swamp Troll
Blythe and Bull
Alten Ashley
4 Kayazy + UA
Widowmaker Marskman
War Dog

That's 41 points done in a single month! I wore out two brushes and several pots of paint but put a HUGE dent in my unpainted model pile.

New Model Fund
I bought a lot of models for Templecon. A lot of it was using Christmas money but just to be safe I'm going to say I spent all 50 bucks for the month and call it even. I'll have a new $50 to spend for February and I'm looking at getting two Vanguards and Gorman so I have that Zerkova list ready to run.