Post Templcon Projects

Templecon hasn't even happened yet and I'm already looking ahead to some projects I'd like to start when it is all over.

Finish my Khador
Getting the small chunk of Khador models done for Templecon left me with only 3 unpainted Khador models in my collection. I'd like to get those models done and dusted so I can start new projects with at least one old project fully completed. I have Zerkova, a Greylord Escort, and a mounted Drakhun to paint.

Paint Jeremiah Kraye
Spoony bought me Kraye for Christmas last year and he's sat on my shelf ever since. Kraye is my favorite PP model and I want to do a good job painting him so I've been putting it off for a while. This isn't a project I necessarily want to finish before doing anything else but I do want to start putting paint to metal in the weeks following Templecon.

Play the new Zerkova Tier Army
I talked about this in my last post. It looks fun and will be a good break from all the Trolls I've been playing recently.

Start a Mercenary Army
There have been some rumblings at my LGS about doing a slow grow league following Templecon and I'd like to start a Merc army if we do. I'm currently looking at a Highborn Ashlynn list or a pMagnus tier list, and I'm leaning more toward Ashlynn. Here's a list I've been toying around with:

Gun Mages + UA
6 Forge Guard
Aiyana and Holt
Rupert Carvolo
Taryn di la Rovissi

Two days 'til Templecon!