Zerkova and Greylord Escort

I'm still quite burned out from Templecon but I wanted to get back on the painting horse and work through some of my model backlog before starting an Ashlynn army.

Greylords are my one of my favorite parts of Khador, and Zerkova (the lady on the right) has been one of my favorite characters in the Warmachine setting since I started reading the fluff. I've only ever gotten one game in with her but I'm hoping to remedy that now that she's painted.

The other Greylord is the Escort, a UA for Doom Reavers who makes them kill each other less and be just a little more survivable. I've used him a little more as part of Strakhov lists.

Both models were fun to paint and a good warm up exercise. I'm so used to the basecoat wash method of the Trolls that doing multiple layers of highlights seems weird.