Slow Grow League - Week 1

This past weekend I finally had my 15 point list together and brought it down to the LGS for some league games. Here's what I was using:

6 Forge Guard

My first game was against a Witch Coven list.

Witch Coven
6 Bloodgorgers
Withershadow Combine

I'd never played against any of these models (except Gorman), nor had I ever played with any of my own models, so this was going to be an interesting game. His arc node made me nervous so I took it out on my second turn. That was about all I accomplished though because he got me in his feat and I was pretty neutered.

The feat threw me off and I made a bad decision with positioning that allowed Slaughterborn to kill my entire unit of Forge Guard. Things went downhill from there quickly.

My second game was against some Gators.

+Bull Snapper
5 Gatormen

This game was going pretty well for me early on. I sniped a few Gatormen early and then caught Barnabas with Gorman's Blind bomb. I was playing fast and loose with Ashlynn, relying on her high DEF to keep her safe, but I got too close to Barnabas and his feat knocked me down. Oops.

This army is tricky to play. The Forge Guard have, thus far, functioned more as a tar pit than beatsticks, which isn't what I'm looking for them to do. They're also not as survivable as I thought they'd be, since Quicken only gives them +2 DEF against ranged attacks.

My Nomad was also not as effective as I had hoped. The Witch Coven kept him out of action the whole game and Barnabas just ignored him and then knocked him down. I didn't get to do many shenanigans with Admonition and I think I only killed one Gator over the two games.

I had a little more luck with Gorman, getting Blind Bombs off in both games. Neither of them resulted in an assassination though, so I'm going to have to get better with my timing. Rhupert was pretty straightforward to use but I discovered that his songs only affect units (and not solos, 'casters, or 'jacks) so he only has one target in the army. Reinholt is a free shot every turn and was phenomenally useful.