Slow Grow League - 25 Points

I haven't had much time lately for toy soldiers but this weekend I'm hoping to get in some games at the 25 point level. Here's the list I'm thinking about bringing:

Gun Mages + UA + Mule

This list looks a lot like my original plan for this leage, before my plans got derailed by those awesome looking new Gun Mages. My original list called for Aiyana and Holt in place of Gorman and Reinholdt but since those last two are painted and I don't even own Aiyana and Holt the decision to swap them out was pretty simple.

The plan here is for an assassination on feat turn with the Gun Mages using crit Brutal Damage, the Mule using crit Devastation, and Ashlynn pumping two Hand Cannon Shots, all with Gorman's black oil helping out. Those are a lot of moving pieces but it will be fantastic if I can pull it off.