April Summary

This wasn't the best hobby month for me. There has been a lot going on, not the least of which has been the gorgeous weather getting me outside running and away from my models.

New Model Fund
I was terrible this month. I spent $111.52 on the new Gun Mages, the Gun Mage UA, another plastic Cygnar heavy, and some bits to convert it into a Mule. I'm now sitting at -$43.36 for this month.

I will have to buy a few models for the next point level of the league but I'm hoping to offset it by selling off some of my GW models.

Painting for Points
I painted up a Nomad and Reinholdt (no photos yet) this month so I'm up to 52 painted points for the year. I'm planning to finish a Vanguard and a Mule this month to keep me on track, although I'm falling way behind on my painting for the league.