Paint My Stuff

With the league done I've been giving some thought to what my next project would me. I've got lots of ideas - expand the Mercs with pMagnus and Gorten, take a look at the new Khador 'caster and / or the Old Witch, maybe see how Calandra and Borka run... options and ideas abound.

Then I looked around my room and realized that I want to be fully painted (or near fully painted). I've got 3 factions (2.5 factions?) and a host of unpainted models for each one and frankly, I want them painted before I start something new. So that's what my next project will be - finish all my other projects!

Here's the list of stuff I want to get painted before starting something new:

6 Scattergunners
Stone Scribe Chronicler
2 Stone Scribes
Troll Impaler
Borka and Keg Carrier

Man-O-War Drakhun

10 Forge Guard
Aiyana and Holt

That's 28 models to work my way through. It seems like a lot, but over half of it is tied up in the Forge Guard and Scattergunners so once I knock those two units off the list I think I'll be home free. I've been participating in the One Thing A Week painting thread on the PP forums which has been great fun and a good motivator on this project.