Man-O-War Drakhun

Well, just the horse really.

I've been on a roll lately painting fun models and this was no exception, but by the end I was very happy to see this fellow off my table. The model doesn't have many extra doodads cluttering him up he just has a ton of fine details on the armour plates.

I've been trying a new tactic with the bronze color after reading a cool article on Bell of Lost Souls about painting gold. GentleBen, a very talented painter, mentioned that he undercoats his gold with Snakebite Leather. I thought that was too light for bronze so I tried Dark Flesh for my undercoat. I've always had trouble getting the bronze to cover well over black but I love how it looks over the Dark Flesh - victory!

The Drakhun himself is still up for painting but after all that lining with bronze I'm going to come back to him.