Renegade (Thing 1)

I'm really enjoying painting lately. I was stuck inside this past weekend due to non-stop rain and painted up a Renegade during breaks from the Drakhun's horse. I was surprised how quickly it went and I'm quite pleased with how he turned out.

The green is the same color I did the 'jacks for Ashlynn. It starts with a GW Foundation green and I mix in yellow to build up the highlights - fast and produces good results. The '1' on his shoulder was stenciled on using a very tiny stencil I printed. The results aren't fantastic but it was a fun experiment and I'm going to do a '2' on the other Renegade I have.

I'm very excited to get this guy (and his twin Thing 2) on the table. I've never used an arc node before and Obliterator Rockets are just nasty. Magnus1 also runs 'jack heavy, something I love.