Tournament this Weekend!

August has been rather sparse on the hobby front for me. It is a very busy month at work, my fiancee and I took some final weekend trips before summer is over, and I spent a week quite sick and unable to do much of anything.

Hopefully that's all out of the way now though and I can get back into a better hobby groove. This weekend I'll be attending a 35 point Steamroller tournament. I've decided to break out my Khador because I haven't played them in FOREVER and there are a few things I want to try out.

10 Kayazy + UA
5 MOW Demo Corps

This is my killy list and it is based off my 25 point Death Race list from Templecon. The Kayazy with Iron Flesh are the stars of this list - I can use them to put enormous pressure on the enemy 'caster (and probably kill him) or send them to contest an objective on their own. The Demo Corps are there as a second wave clean-up crew. For scenario play I'll probably let the Kayazy handle themselves on one side while everything else takes down the other. I think this list will be a lot of fun to play.

Zerkova (Tier 4 Hunting Wolves)
10 Kayazy + UA
Greylord Ternion

I've been interested in this theme list since it was published in NQ. I see a lot of potential for board control with this list. Ternions and Zerkova have SPD and DEF debuffs, Kayazy are a super pain to handle, even without Iron Flesh, and Widowmakers give great spot removal. Oh, and Zerkova's feat.

Where I'm concerned with this list is hitting power. I have no high POW infantry so I'll be relying on the Spriggan to do most of the heavy lifting (the Destroyer is more for Watcher Bombard shots and babysitting). The list has a ton of infantry clearing ability but not much ARM cracking. Also, I have almost zero experience with Zerkova.