Magnus the Traitor on the Table

After weeks of being busy on Saturdays I was able to get down to my LGS this past weekend and play 3 games with pMagnus.

My first one was against a pVlad list that my buddy is fine tuning for Templecon Hardcore.  I've been giving some serious thought to taking pMagnus to Hardcore and the list I brought was close to what I'm thinking of using.

10 Boomhowler
10 Steelhead Riflemen
Aiyana and Holt

I started the game playing very well.  I used some clever positioning and Saxon's Pathfinder ability to allow my Steelheads to get the jump on Vlad's Winter Guard Riflemen, killing 6 and knocking a 7th down before the Winter Guard even got a shot off.  I also jammed up his Kayazy and was generally feeling good at the end of my second turn.

Then I forgot about the Kayazy's mini-feat and lost the game.  I'm particularly annoyed at myself about this because I LOVE to do this exact same thing with my Kayazy and I should have known better.  I was in a position to defend against this without any trouble and just didn't think about it.

Overall I felt good about my list.  It was performing very well against a strong player using a strong list and it was my fault that I lost.

My changes for the final list are small - drop Kell and replace the Nomad with a Rover.  I'm losing a Reach heavy and Kell's gun but I'm picking up a slightly better Temper Metal target and a strong ranged attack.  My plan with the Nomad was always to throw it out front to blunt any alpha strike since it is ARM 21 with Temper Metal.  I think the Rover, who is ARM 22 with Temper Metal, will take more punishment while also being able to fire off a few rounds before dying.

The last two games were with a very badly built tier 4 pMagnus list.  I learned that the list was every bit as bad as I thought it would be (my list, not the tier in general) but that I really enjoy playing Magnus.