December Summary and 2011 Year in Review

The last month of 2011 was another disappointment for me hobby wise.  I explained in the previous post about how I was distracted and lacked the motivation o do much of anything.

Painting for Points
Nothing painted in December.

In 2010 I painted 118 points and in 2011 I painted 105.  My goal for 2011 was to paint 100 points so I was successful in that regard but I could have done more if I hadn't stopped doing anything hobby related for three months.

New Model Fund
Nothing purchased in December.  I have $80 available in January but I don't see myself buying anything.

I wanted to focus more on painting models I had in 2011 rather than buying new ones.  I was sort of successful here - the Slow Grow League required some purchases and I traded some 40k models for more Warmachine models.  I think I was more successful than not though, since I see quite a bit less bare metal on my shelves.

2011 Goals in Review
Go to Templecon fully painted.  Success!

Finish all of my Troll and Khador models.  Sort of success?  I have half of one Khador model left (MoW Drakhun rider) and maybe a dozen Trolls left.

Participate in some kind of slow grow league at my LGS.  Success!

Purchase fewer models and paint more models.  Success!

Sell off my Tau and give some serious thought to selling the Wood Elves.  Sort of success - Tau and Marines are gone but I still have the Wood Elves.

Make a conscious effort to improve myself as a player.  I certainly tried, but I don't know if I succeeded.  I think, if anything, I just learned more about what being a better player means.

2012 Goals
Be fully painted.  Ambitious, but I think I can do it if I stop buying models for a bit.

Sell my Wood Elves.  It is time, I just need to figure out the logistics of shipping a fully painted army.

Pace myself.  I was either on fire or burned out with the hobby during 2011.  Let's see what moderation gets us in 2012.

Paint better.  In 2011 I learned that I could paint to a good standard quickly but in 2012 I'd like to re-learn how to paint to a high standard slowly.