January Summary and Templecon

I haven't taken photos in a while but I have been painting like a mad man for Templecon this weekend.

Painting for Points
This was a good month for my painting schedule.  I finished Aiyana and Holt, Saxon, eEiryss, and full unit of 10 Boomhowlers.  That's a solid 14 points to kick of 2012 and a large chunk of my unpainted models done.

New Model Fund
Another month were I didn't spend any money on models.  Since I don't have any plans to buy anything in the future anyway I'm not going to roll over anything and just reset my budget to $50 dollars.

I'm leaving for Templecon tomorrow morning.  I've got my Hardcore list all painted and two theme lists for the Tier tournament.  The Tier tournament is going to be pretty low key for me - I haven't practiced either of these lists and I haven't read any of the new SR2012 rules yet.  Hopefully I'll just have a good time rolling some dice and playing with toy soldiers.

Hardcore is another beast.  I'd like to do well but I know I haven't put in the time with my list.  Too many things got in the way this year and I wasn't able to practice nearly as much as I did for last year's Templecon.  I'm still very excited to see how the tournament goes and hopefully I can sneak out a win or two.