Templecon 2012 - The Aftermath

This was a huge highlight of my weekend.  I love the format and had a blast even though I was so bad I didn't get to play in the last round.  I'm pretty convinced that in this format I need to bring a beast heavy Hordes list.  Warmachine lists are just outclassed when a Hordes list with four heavies can spend 16 - 20 Fury on a single turn plus 'caster buffs.  I will absolutely be back next year.

Steamroller 2012
The SR2012 rules were a bit of a let down for me.  I like what they're trying to accomplish but a lot of the scenarios are needlessly complex and are more of a distraction than an aid to the game.  A friend noted that the Primal Mark II rules are 60 pages long and the SR2012 rules are 40 pages long.  That's a huge document and I can say that a lot of the rules feel bloated.

We've been talking about picking a few of the scenarios and using them at our store.  There are several that are elegant, simple, and fun - they add a good dimension to the game without being overbearing.  Hopefully these rules are a misstep and not the direction PP wants Steamroller to go.

What Next
The guys at my LGS have been talking about a few different things we'd like to do in the coming months.  Last year we ran a slow-grow league and that was a lot of fun.  We haven't made any decisions yet but some ideas we've tossed around are another slow-grow league or a campaign of some sorts.  We've also talked about introducing more scenarios into our play and trying to encourage more people to bring painted armies.

For me, I've got two plans for the next few months:

She was so much fun to play at Templecon.  There is an immense amount of depth to her and I think she could be powerful in the hands of someone who really understands all the things she can do.  I've got a bunch of lists in my head and a number of things I'd like to try.

This guy is my early front runner for Hardcore next year.   I'm working on some lists that use three heavies, Fennblades as a screen and tarpit, and a few solos for support.  With Iron Flesh and Stumbling Drunk he's very hard to kill and with his feat and Mosh Pit there will be a lot of knocked down, easy to hit models.