Things I Painted Before Templecon

The run-up to Templecon came right down to the wire for me and I was painting models for my Hardcore list two days before the event.  I forgot to take photos at the time but now I have some pictures of what I painted last month.

Lady Aiyana and Master Holt.  These two were a lot of fun to paint, with the exception of all the yellow trim on Holt's jacket.  That was a bummer.

Boomhowler and his band of merry men.  These guys actually went a lot faster than I thought and based on the success I had here I'm giving some serious thought to buying Fennblades.

A final picture of Saxon and eEiryss with their bases completed.  I didn't want Eiryss to look like she was on a roof top so I painted the whole thing gray, dirtied it up a bit with washes, and I'm pretending that she's on a some kind of ruined statue in the wilderness.