Working Towards Fully Painted Trolls

I have an even 100 models in my Troll army.  Currently, 93 of them are painted.  This is because after my post-Templecon detox I was immensely motivated and started painting yellow skin like it was my job.  I've been blitzing through the remaining Trolls on my shelf and I think I can be 100% painted in just a few more days.

First I painted the last two Stonescribes to get myself to a full unit of 6.  The minimum unit were painted in July 2010, so these last two have been a while on my shelf.

Then I attacked my Fennblade UA.  I still don't have Fennblades but now I can proxy them without getting confused.  These two models are very well sculpted and were a ton of fun to paint.

Next I moved on to the softer side of Trolls and painted Janissa and Calandra.  Both of these are excellent sculpts and Calandra in particular was a lot of fun to paint.  I think her face came out well.


Finally, I painted my second Impaler.  I've now got a fully painted Troll battle box, only 21 months after getting started on the army.

They're all a little shiny from the washes but that gets taken care of with some dullcoat. All that's left for the Trolls is a second unit of Champs, Skaldi, and pDoomshaper.