Journeyman Warcaster The Second

I'm moving in two weeks.  That partly explains why everything has been so quiet here but there has been lots of other stuff going on as well.  Because I'm moving, however, I had to clear off all the WIPs I had on my desk so I could pack everything.

And by "all the WIPs" I mean the single model on my desk, the Journeyman Warcaster I started a few months ago.

He was a fun model to paint, just like the first time.  I'm really happy with how his face turned out and the nice looking blue I was able to get on his armor.  Since he's a gift for someone I wanted to really do a good job so I took a risk and tried to freehand the Cygnar symbol on the shoulder pads.  They turned out pretty well I think.

Hopefully his new owner likes him.