Monday, September 10, 2012

Old Witch and Scrapjack

I've been away from my toy soldiers for a while and what brought me back was thinking about Khador. I was pretty keen on them when I stopped playing 6 months ago and I'm even more interested in them recently.

Old Witch wasn't a 'caster that interested me when I started playing but after reading Hellboy and seeing the Baba Yaga in the comics I changed my mind. Also, watching Jamie P do amazing things with her at Templecon didn't hurt.

Scrapjack was probably the most challenging model I've ever had to assemble but was a blast to paint. The witch herself is a surprisingly creepy model. Her cape has faces in it and the bad she's carrying has imprints of tiny hands - weird stuff.

They aren't my best work but I was surprised how well they came out considering how rusty my painting skills are. The Old Witch's face in particular ended up looking very nice for an old lady.
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