February Summary

New Model Fund
This month started at -$1.92 and I can't say that I was very disciplined with my spending. I bought the Forces of Warmachine: Cygnar book, some new Warmachine templates, a set of Dragon Forge bases, and some models for a secret project. March is going to start at an even worse mark of -$34.53. I do plan to but the new Khador book when it comes out but otherwise don't have any other purchases planned.

On the plus side, all four of my ebay auctions sold for almost $60. I might use that money to buy the new Khador book, save the rest, and not count the book towards my fund.

Painting for Points
The second month of the year saw me continuing to do well with my painting. I finished (and the finished again) my third Warcaster, Kommandant Irusk, and a Kodiak. That's another 6 points added to the 4 I already had which bumps my total up to 10 on the year so far.

The Kodiak was my first month's entry for the Tale of Painters going on at Librarium Online which should keep my painting level high.