Weekend Warmachine

This past Wednesday was the Khador release and I was pretty excited about the new 'caster Strakhov. I bought him on this morning and brought a list to play with him.

5 Man-O-War Demo Corps
Great Bears
Koldun Lord

Strakhov - image from Privateer Press

The plan was to maximize his feat with the Spriggan + Superiority, the speedy Great Bears, and the Demo Corp having Reach. The Koldun Lord was there to help get the Spriggan moving with some focus while Strakhov set up his upkeeps in the early turns.

My first game was against a Baldur Circle list.

+Pureblood Warpwolf
+Feral Warpwolf
Druids of Orboros + UA
Blackclad Wayfarer
Lord of the Feast

Baldur's feat is the anti-Strakhov feat, making everything in his control area Difficult Terrain and preventing any of my models from getting Pathfinder. After trading a little bit Baldur feated and I was pretty stuck.

I countered with Strakhov's feat and my two remaining Great Bears managed to catch and kill the Pureblood. On his next turn Baldur used Forest Walk to get to Strakhov but missed all three of his attacks. I was able to kill him pretty easily with Strakhov and six focus on my turn.

The second game was against the same Tier 4 Nemo list from last week.

Nemo tried similar tricks, running the arc node 16 inches forward, but I countered with Strakhov's feat and charged it with my Spriggan (15") and Manhunter (13") - it didn't play a role in the game after that.

The game developed into a huge melee in the middle of the board with lots of models on both sides getting killed. After the congestion thinned out I saw an opportunity for Strakhov and some movement shenanigans.

He cast Overrun on himself and charged the Stormblade UA Officer. He needed 7 to hit and I didn't boost, wanting to save the focus for Nemo. I missed and had to buy another attack which killed the officer. Strakhov then Overran into Nemo, eating two freestrikes from two Stormsmiths but taking only a little damage.

The assassination run didn't work out (that extra focus would have been golden) and Nemo, with 10 focus, was able to beat Strakhov down.

So far Strakhov has been a lot of fun to play and he's definitely going to be one of my two 'casters at the Steam Roller 2010 tournament next weekend. He'll for sure get painted up during this week.