April Fools Tournament Report

This weekend the Hobby Bunker held its annual April Fools tournament. Eight players showed up (2 Cryx, 2 Khador, Legion, Skorne, Pirates, and Protectorate) and everyone got in three games. We were playing SR2010 scenarios.

I did not play very well at all. I caught some kind of cold on Friday and wasn't able to focus well on the games as they were happening. I still had a lot of fun though and I'm glad I got out of bed to go.
Game 1 - Legion - Killbox
I played an infantry heavy Rhyas army with Strakhov. I don't remember exactly how this game went but I know I got forced into a dodgy assignation run that didn't work and then lost, probably by 'caster kill.

Game 2 - Cryx - Destruction
My second game was against another infantry heavy army, this time led by pSkarre. I was using pButcher. He had a huge unit of Mechanithralls and Necrosurgeon on his left that bogged me down, and Blackbane's Ghost Raiders on the right that I didn't know how to deal with.

I thought I might be able to win on tie breaker after I snuck my Drakhun around the right flank and put 15 damage on one of his objectives but my opponent managed to take out my left side objective with his Seether before time was called.

Game 3 - Cryx - Capture the Flag
This last game had my Zerkova paired against pDeneghra. My opponent was very new to the game and I wasn't having much trouble picking apart his army. I forgot what the scenario was and almost ended the game with a draw but I was able to squeak out a win on a tie-breaker before dice down.

All in all it wasn't a great showing for me. I'm still learning how to get my Doom Reavers to do something other than die but as the day wore on I started to get a feel for them. I also enjoyed using the Drakhun so he might make some more appearances in my lists.