Next Troll List

I've had some good success with my 25 point Madrak list (winning the Show Your Colors mini-tournament and going 4-0 when using the full list) but I've found the brick to be a little boring to play. For my second warlock and list I'll be using Grissel Bloodsong and bumping myself up to a full 35 point list. Here's what I'm thinking:

+Pyre Troll
+Troll Bouncer
+Earthborn Dire Troll
10 Kriel Warriors + UA
3 Long Riders
Fell Caller

The list is two points short so I might add a Minion solo (Pendrake or Saxon Orrik come to mind) or drop the Fell Caller to add Horthol. Since I'd have to buy models either way I'd probably buy Horthol.

The Long Riders can move 21" on the first turn with Hoof It, and can then make slam and axe attacks at MAT 9 when she puts Calamity on a unit.

Kriel Warriors are a great tarpit, but with Calamity, Heroic Ballad, and the leader's prayers they'll but able to put a lot of hurt on whatever they're holding in place.

The Earthborn is a big wrecking ball all by himself. The Pyre Troll gives him a nasty damage buff and Grissel can cast Rift to give him a speed boost when he needs to get somewhere.

The Bouncer is here to give Grissel a little extra protection, be a Fury battery, and to hit something in the face later in the game.

This list should be a little more dynamic to play. The Long Riders and Earthborn will be zipping around the flanks while the Kriel Warriors hold the middle and Grissel, the Fell Caller, and the Pyre pass out buffs.