November Summary

This was a great month for me hobby wise. I managed to get to the store three times and play a lot of games with my Grissel list. I didn't win many of them, but it was fun to put some models on the table after not being able to for a while.

New Model Fund
I decided not to buy any new models for the rest of the year. I have a bunch of Trolls still to paint, a few more Khador models left over, plus some Malifaux and Cygnar models on my shelf. I will have to buy a single model for the Secret Santa model exchange on Librarium Online next month.

I started November with $50.66 and bought a foam tray for my model bag that cost 10 bucks. I an effort to save money I'm not going to keep any of the extra, so I'll have $50 for December.

Painting for Points
November was a great month for me painting wise. I managed to get 24 points painted between three Long Riders, Horthol, 10 Burrowers, and a Dire Troll Blitzer. I'm now up over 100 points for the year (104 total) and I'm hoping to get another big batch of Trolls done this month.