I had a lot of fun converting and painting up my plastic Nomad so when I decided to add a Mule to the army it made sense to try another plastic conversion. I didn't get any photos of the Nomad in his unpainted state but I remembered this time around.

This conversion was a little trickier. I wanted to give the Mule a slightly different profile so I bought the metal boiler and removed the two plastic smoke stacks from the chassis. That was a big pain to do but I'm glad I took the time. The other sticking point was mounting the flat contact point of the gun arm to the round shoulder socket.

Painting this guy was a lot more fun than building him. I'm really enjoying the green that I'm working on here and I think he has a good balance of colors all around. My only gripe is the big mace looks too mono-chromatic.

All of the 'jacks for Ashlynn's army have some yellow stars on them somewhere and with the smoke stacks removed the boiler on top of the Mule looked like it needed some love. I also added a few red Khador anvil kill markers to the cannon (but don't tell my Khador army).

I haven't been able to play too many games lately so this guy hasn't seen much table time yet but I'm hoping that with a shiny new paint job he'll be ready to kick some butt.