Mulg the Ancient WIP

I'm taking a brief break from painting my own stuff to paint someone else's stuff!

A few weeks ago I was prepping for the New England Team Tournament and I wanted to run an epic Doomshaper list that included Mulg. I'm not able to afford Mulg right now so I asked my local Press Ganger PG_Snakeman if I could borrow his for the tournament. He very generously agreed and I offered to paint Mulg to say thanks.

I'm no longer able to attend the NETT but I had already started Mulg when my plans changed.

I've got some good work on the blue skin and the rocks done. I'm going to try to do glowing green / yellow runes as well. Mulg's face looks a little rough right now and I'm hoping that some paint on his tusks and mouth will help bring it together.

I'd really like to get this model done over the weekend but I'm not sure I'll be able to swing that much time at my painting desk.