July Summary

Painting for Points
I had high hopes for this month and started strong by getting 6 Forge Guard and Mulg painted, but fell off the bus later in the month as non-hobby stuff stole my time. I'm up to 88 points for the year.

New Model Fund
Another excellent month for me spending wise! I didn't buy any models again this month and have my fund nearing positive numbers! I'll be at -$7.29 for August.

Additionally, I made some serious inroads clearing out models I don't use. I sold my Malifaux army on ebay, traded my Crimson Fists for a big chunk of Merc models, and sold the Tau to a guy at my LGS. The only loose end left is for me to sell my Wood Elves. Does anyone have any advice for packing and shipping a fully painted army? I'm hesitant to put the army on ebay or Bartertown because I don't know how I'd get it to my buyer in good condition.

If anyone has any experience I'd love to hear it.