November Summary

Another not great month for me in the hobby department.  I've been feeling a lot more motivated in the past week and a half (I've got a bunch of models assembled and primed!) but for most of the month I was still feeling pretty listless.

Painting for Points
Only one model painted this month, my second Renegade.  Not great but I'm about 50% done with the last four Steelheads and I've got some solos primed and ready to go.  105 points total for the year.

I've already reached the goal I set myself in January of 100 points for the year, but I'm currently 13 points shy of matching what I painted last year.  We'll see what December can produce.

New Model Fund
I had $70 dollars to spend this month and I made good use of it.  My LGS was having a 20% off sale right before Thanksgiving so I took advantage and picked up Saxon, Skaldi, Wishnailer, and eEiryss for $50.  I'll have $60 for December but I imagine that I'll save that money for Christmas presents while I try to get some of my Magnus Hardcore list painted.

I'll have to make a few purchases for Templecon (Rover, Shock Troopers, and a solo or two) but otherwise I don't see too many model purchases in my future.