February Summary

Painting for Foints
Following Templecon I was very motivated to paint and I finished a ton of Troll models over a few days.  Then I ran out of paint and motivation and haven't done a whole lot since.  The Trolls were worth 8 points so I'm up to 22 total.

New Model Fund
Templecon helped me rediscover how much I enjoy Khador so for the slow grow league coming up at my LGS I'm going to be running Zerkova.  I bought a Khador battle box for the two heavies, the Black Ivan upgrade kit, and the Old Witch for $72 so I'll have $28 for March.  I'd like to add Nyss and some Eliminators to my Zerkova lists but I'll probably skip the Nyss for now to save my pennies and keep on budget.