May Summary

Finally, a good month hobby wise. I painted a ton of models and even managed to get my first league win!

Painting for Points
A really great month painting wise for me. I painted a Vanguard and Mule, getting all of the 'jacks done for my league army done. I also made a start on my infantry, painting the Gun Mages and UA and finishing it off with Ragman. I'm now up to 67 points for 2011.


New Model Fund
Another bad month money wise but I've got all the models for this army and no plans to purchase anything new for the next few months (yeah, right). I bought Ragman, Steelhead Riflemen, some Forge Guard, Taryn, Eiryss, and Aiyana and Holt. I'm going to be at -$107.29 (yikes!) for June.