Friday, July 31, 2009

Painting the Red Marine

Since my standard bearer isn't primed yet I put some more work into the red marine who has been on my desk for weeks.

The red was done with a base of Merchrite Red, a wash of Badab Black, and then three layers working through Merchrite Red towards Blood Red. I gave most of the edges a thin highlight of Blood Red and then a few select places an extra highlight of Blazing Orange.

I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out. The transition from Merchrite to Blood is smoother than I thought it would be and the edge highlights help make the red pop. I think its most obvious in the first photo on the powerfist side.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July Challenge - Day Three - Success!

A little more time today on bases and these guys are done!

click for a larger version

Up next is the fifth and last (for now) man in the unit - the standard bearer. I'd like to do some sort of freehand icon on the banner and since this will be my first attempt at freehand of any real size I'm going to do a tutorial / things I learned post to chronicle my attempt. I'd also like to do a tutorial on painting faces since I've started to enjoy them and I feel I have a quick and simple method to get good looking faces.

Stay tuned for those.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July Challenge - Day Two

I finished the rest of the details on the musician tonight. This included his drum, drum sticks, the feather in his hat, and his beard and hair.

click for a larger view

Both of these guys are painted and all that's left for tomorrow are the bases. I'm in good shape to finish these guys on time!

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Challenge For (What's Left Of) July

I will not have another month end with only a single point painted so I've set myself the goal of finishing these two Greatswords before the end of the month. It isn't a huge goal by any means (it will give me 3 total points for July) but it would be a good moral victory and will give me a good starting point for August.

I did a little more work on these guys tonight. At this point they only have details left so I'm picking a few to do every night. The champ on the left is actually done except for his base, and the musician could probably be finished with a few hours of focused work.

click for a larger version

I'm going to be updating every night (or the next morning) with my daily progress. Stay tuned.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Continuing Work on the Greatswords

Updates are still sparse on my end. Work has been hectic and the weather has been nice so I haven't had much time to paint. I have been getting some work done though.

This is the second Greatsword that I've finished thus far. I'm really pleased with his face and the armour, although I'm not sure why the highlights on the armour appear so start in the photo.

I finished this guy about a week ago and since then I've been working on the unit champion and musician.

These guys are probably about 50% done. The major colors are done but they both have more detail than the previous two so doing that will take me longer than usual.

I'm still really enjoying these models and even though I don't get much painting time I'm having fun painting again. I'm hoping to get these two guys done by the end of the week and then get started on the banner bearer.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finished Greatsword and June Summary

I finished this guy yesterday but didn't get a chance to put the photos up. The last few bits got rushed because I was excited to get him done but overall I'm very pleased with the result.

I tried something new with the armour (I actually highlighted it after washing it with black and blue) that I like, although next time I'm going to give it a heavier wash of black.

The purple and yellow look really good together and I have a few ideas about how to make the purple look better highlighted.

The next Greatsword is sitting on my desk and he'll probably see some paint starting tomorrow.

Painting for Points
June was another bad month for me painting wise. I spent a long time grinding slowly through five Guardsmen that never got finished, and then painted the guy above in three days, for a total of one point. Overall I have 53 points for the year.

New Model Fund
I only had $9.91 to spend this month, but I spent more than that in an effort to try to get myself excited about the hobby again. I bought five Greatswords for $21.98, some purple paint for $7.00, and a metal Empire Captain for $13.25. My spending discipline was low this month but I did manage to get excited again so I suppose that's a good thing. My fund for July is $17.68, which will probably get me a box of State Troops or Crossbowmen if I ebay well.