Friday, April 30, 2010

Secret Project Revealed!

I'm currently in San Francisco visiting Spoony and can now safely reveal the secret project I've been working on.

When Spoony was visiting over the Christmas holiday he picked up the start of a Cygnar army. We played a few games and he mentioned that he'd like to pick up some Gun Mages for the army if and when he expanded. Since he's going to be putting me up and entertaining me for a few days I wanted to give him a thank you gift, so I bought him the unit and painted them up.

The models were fun to paint and came together quickly. I'll try to get some action shots when we get some games in.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Convict Gunslinger WIP

There is a Malifaux tournament at the end of May that I'd like to attend so I'm going to try to get some of my Outcast models painted up for it. I have one Ronin done and the next model I'm working on is the Convict Gunslinger.

He isn't really a criminal though, he's just misunderstood - what kind of criminal would have a mom tattoo?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Hobby

This weekend I played two games, one of Warmachine and one of Malifaux.

I played a beast heavy eKaya list with Strakhov. Kaya's feat allowed her beasts to kill off my Spriggan and retreat past my threat ranges which left me with one heavy against his three.

that white circle used to be my Spriggan and his beasts are far away

My Great Bears had a chance to bring down a Warpwolf but missed with four of their six attacks and got dead on Kaya's next turn.

this Warpwolf didn't kill Strakhov but the next one did

Eventually the three heavies on Kaya's side chewed through my army and caught Strakhov.

On the Malifaux side I was playing with the Viktorias, 2 Ronin, a Gunslinger, and Misaki against Sonnia Criid, Francisco Ortega, Papa Loco, and 3 Witchling Stalkers.

This was only my second Malifaux game and I made a huge miscalculation against Papa Loco. I had no idea how powerful he was and when he blew himself up on turn two he killed both Ronin and left Misaki with one point of health.

The rest of the game was the Guild player mopping up, although I did manage to kill Francisco and four Witchlings (Sonnia can summon them). Even though I'm learning the game and spent a lot of time looking things up the game only took half an hour to play. I'll need to get my army set up for a tournament at the end of May.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Product Review - Dragon Forge Bases

Recently I've seen a lot of cool looking stuff people have been doing with resin bases and I wanted to give it a try. They're not hugely expensive in small doses so I figured I'd use them on some side projects I'm working on (the Deathwatch and Malifaux).

I've been following Jeff Wilhelm's blog for a while and liked what I saw so I took a look at his Dragon Forge store to see what interested me. I ended up buying two sets of 10 bases, one for each project.

what's left of my Forgotten Empire bases
I'm no expert on resin base pricing but these seem to be priced reasonably. Both of my sets are small bases and before shipping costs I was looking at 10 bases for 10 bucks. Not something I'd consider for a whole army but for little projects they're quite affordable.

Each time I ordered the bases arrived within a week. I can get impatient, especially when I'm excited by a new project (like this), so the fast shipping gives Dragon Forge a big star in my book. Dragon Forge doesn't charge much for this either (I think I paid 2.50) - even better.

Dragon Forge does bases in the three most common forms - square, round, and round lip. Some have more options than others (the square base line is a little thin). Each option has a variety of common sizes, some uncommon sizes, and sometimes even a heroic option. You'll probably be able to find what you're looking for and Jeff constantly adds new things.

Concrete Rubble bases

Again, I'm new to the resin base scene but these seem to be of excellent quality. The bases I've received had almost no flash on them and were not miscast at all. Some of the bases have a few air bubbles on the bottom but I'm not at all concerned about those - who sees the bottom of a base anyway?

I think what made me most happy with these bases is that they have a ton of usable space on them. A lot of other bases I've seen online are very complex and busy - they look fantastic but don't have much space to pose a model on them. Dragon Forge's bases don't have this problem but also don't sacrifice interesting details.

I've been very happy with my Dragon Forge bases thus far and if I find myself in the market for more I'll be looking at Dragon Forge first.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finished Ronin 1

There wasn't much left to do from the first update but I finished this model yesterday. The painted one from the Malifaux studio has some freehand cherry blossoms on the kimono which I tried to duplicate.

I really enjoyed painting this model. The scale is a little different from Games Workshop or Privateer press and the change was nice.

She's standing on a resin base from Dragon Forge. This is my first time using a resin base (or resin anything) and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I'll have a review of Dragon Forge bases on Friday.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ronin WIP I

I'm running the Boston Marathon today so this weekend I stayed in and did a lot of painting. I can't show most of it because it is part of my secret project but I can show you a WIP of my first Malifaux model, a Ronin.

There are three Ronin models in the blister and this one is my girlfriend's favorite. She picked out the dark green for the coat and the brown pants and I thought the pale blue was a good compliment.

I'm really enjoying painting this model. There is a lot of detail in the cloth which is interesting to paint but there aren't a ton of small details driving me insane. Hopefully I'll get this model finished tomorrow while I recover from the marathon.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Next Army

In my last post I laid out my plans to wind down and finish off my Khador army. Once that's done I'd like to start a new Hordes army to coincide with the release of Hordes MkII. If the current release schedule holds (Menoth in April, Cryx in May, Mercenaries in June) it looks like Hordes will be released in July or August - I've got three or four months to plan.

The only Hordes faction that interests me is Trolls. Something about an army made of big, blue, kilt wearing, beer drinking, Braveheart-esque models really strikes a chord with me. Add in the fact that they're as close to a faction of good guys the Iron Kingdom has and I'm sold.

Grissel Bloodsong - image from Privateer Press

Usually when I start a new army I buy a little piece, paint it up, and then buy another little piece. This was a good method when I wasn't actually playing any games but I found it to be quite limiting when I started playing regularly with my Khador army. Initially I was limited to a single 35 point list, then two lists, and only now after five months of buying and painting do I feel my Khador is at a flexible and interesting point.

Borka Kegslayer - image from Privateer Press

When I start this new army I'm going to take a different approach. I'm going to design two or three good 35 point lists with different warlocks and purchase the whole thing in one go. This will allow me to play different lists a lot faster and hopefully keep things fresh. I'll keep adding new stuff at a faster rate than with my Khador until I reach a similar total points level. Obviously I'll be playing a lot of games with unpainted models, something I don't like to do, but I think that's a reality I'm going to have to accept. Painting will be done along the way.

Madrak Ironhide, World Ender - image from Privateer Press

I already have some list ideas in mind but I'm not going to commit to them yet. I'm pretty sure of the three warlocks I'll be using though - eMadrak, Borka Kegslayer, and Grissel. As the Hordes release comes closer they may release stats of pictures of something that might make me change my mind but I'm relatively confident in these three.

Hooray Trolls!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

State of the Empire

I was reorganizing my mini shelves and transport bag this weekend and decided to get a photo of all the painted Khador I have. In total there are 68 points of painted models in the army and four painted 'casters - exciting!

I was also surprised to find that I only have three unpainted models kicking around for the army right now - Zerkova, a Spriggan, and a Man-O-War Drakhun.

left to right - Drakhun, Zerkova, Spriggan

These three models will get painted up as part of the Tale of Painters I'm participating on Librarium Online.

I have a few more things planned for the Khador army. I will definitely be adding a full unit of 10 Kayazy Assassins and Underboss to give me another infantry option, the Greylord Escort to my Doom Reaver unit, and a Wardog. I'm also thinking about adding the Widowmaker Marksman and the dismount option for my Drakhun but I'm not committed to either of those ideas.

That should get me through the next couple of months and close to the launch of Hordes MkII, at which point I'm seriously considering starting a Trolls army.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Finished Doom Reavers

I always seem to be most productive when I'm sick. I've been trying to kick my third cold of the season this weekend so I laid low and finished off the last three Doom Reavers.

I did a slightly darker skin on them to add a little variety to the unit. Here's the whole unit done:

I have a few options for what to paint next for this army but I'll be working on a secret project this week.

Also, there's still a few hours left to bid on my Imperial Guard auction on ebay. If you need some plastic Guardsmen this could be right up your alley.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mustering my Malifaux Army

I've been bitten by the Malifaux bug and my army is starting to take shape.

I liked the look of the Viktorias so I chose them as my Masters (and, consequently, Outcasts as my faction). The starter box they come in has three other models in it but, even though they look very nice, there are some other models in faction that have a very strong thematic tie-in with the Viktorias that I'm going to build my crew from.

the crew in their boxes

I bought three Ronin, a Convict Gunslinger, and Misaki to round out my crew. The Convict is the only male model and also the only one who doesn't have a samurai feel, but he's a powerful model and will make my crew a little less one-dimensional.

Convict Gunslinger, Orin Midwinter, Ronin - a scale shot

The Viktorias, Convict, and Misaki give me a base of 12 Soul Stones (a.k.a. points). Each Ronin is 5 points so I can add as many as I need to build up to whatever Soul Stone limit the game is.

I've wanted to try resin bases so I bought a set of 10 from Dragon Forge. The army sizes are so small that I don't feel bad basing my whole faction on them.

Viktoria 2, Sternguard, Convict Gunslinger - a scale shot

Thus far I've bought everything with money I made selling models on ebay and I have another auction up right now to make a little more. If you're a Guard player and need some more plastic Cadians I have just the thing!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Orin Midwinter

I broke up my Doom Reavers by getting Orin done in between the two groups of three Reavers.

I like how the face (better shot below) and the red came out. As an Inquisitor he is supposed to have red robes but I wanted to make them different from my normal Khador red. I started with Scab Red, washed it with Devlan Mud, and then highlighted up through Blood Red and Blazing Orange. I also gave it a heavy wash with Ogryn Flesh to tie everything together and I think that worked wonders for the color.

I'm working on the last three Doom Reavers right now and they should be finished in the next few days.

Monday, April 5, 2010

April Fools Tournament Report

This weekend the Hobby Bunker held its annual April Fools tournament. Eight players showed up (2 Cryx, 2 Khador, Legion, Skorne, Pirates, and Protectorate) and everyone got in three games. We were playing SR2010 scenarios.

I did not play very well at all. I caught some kind of cold on Friday and wasn't able to focus well on the games as they were happening. I still had a lot of fun though and I'm glad I got out of bed to go.
Game 1 - Legion - Killbox
I played an infantry heavy Rhyas army with Strakhov. I don't remember exactly how this game went but I know I got forced into a dodgy assignation run that didn't work and then lost, probably by 'caster kill.

Game 2 - Cryx - Destruction
My second game was against another infantry heavy army, this time led by pSkarre. I was using pButcher. He had a huge unit of Mechanithralls and Necrosurgeon on his left that bogged me down, and Blackbane's Ghost Raiders on the right that I didn't know how to deal with.

I thought I might be able to win on tie breaker after I snuck my Drakhun around the right flank and put 15 damage on one of his objectives but my opponent managed to take out my left side objective with his Seether before time was called.

Game 3 - Cryx - Capture the Flag
This last game had my Zerkova paired against pDeneghra. My opponent was very new to the game and I wasn't having much trouble picking apart his army. I forgot what the scenario was and almost ended the game with a draw but I was able to squeak out a win on a tie-breaker before dice down.

All in all it wasn't a great showing for me. I'm still learning how to get my Doom Reavers to do something other than die but as the day wore on I started to get a feel for them. I also enjoyed using the Drakhun so he might make some more appearances in my lists.

Friday, April 2, 2010

March Summary

New Model Fund

This month started at the low, low mark of -$34.53. The Khador book came out this month along with the new Khador 'caster and I bought both since Khador is my faction. I resisted the urge to buy several other things for a while but then I played a game of Malifaux and it all went downhill.

I made 70ish dollars selling that stuff on ebay a few weeks ago and I'm going to turn it into my Malifaux fund. The money I'm spending on the book and models to get started will come out of that money until it is gone and not from my New Model Fund. The current 'Mali-fund' is $48.84.

April starts with a slightly improved -$31.26. The Greylord Escort UA for Doom Reavers comes out this month and that's the only Warmachine model I'd like to buy. I've got my eye on a few ebay auctions for Malifaux models on the cheap to keep those costs down and if I can stay focused and not buy anything else thing month I just might get myself out of the red.

Painting for Points

I had another good painting month in March. I got through the Great Bears, Strakhov, and three Doom Reavers for an additional 7 points! I'm up to 17 on the year and my Khador army is starting to have quite a few painted options.