Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Rover Appears!

I know the internet wasn't terribly impressed with the Nomad when Wrath was released but I've been thinking he'd be a lot of fun in some Merc lists.  Yesterday Privateer released a photo of the Rover.

image from Privateer Press

Right away I'm a little apprehensive about the model.  The shoulders are huge, the shield looks weird, and the overall chassis design just doesn't do much for me.  I do think that the color scheme lets it down a little and after spinning the 360 shots I'm a little more OK with the shield, but overall I'm still a little disappointed since the artwork in Wrath is very cool.

I will be picking one of these up, however, because it is plastic and because it comes with parts for a Nomad and a Mule!  I already have a Nomad and Mule (converted from Cygnar plastics) but I'm excited to magnetize this kit and be able to use all three 'jacks.

image from Privateer Press

image from Privateer Press

Neither of these poses really strikes me much either, but the staffer who built and painted the 'jacks said that she magnetized them which is why they all look the same and that she didn't pick the paint scheme.  I'm hopeful that with a little more dynamic posing and a better color scheme the model will come together.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Epic Grissel Previewed

Privateer has put up photos of all the new epic warlocks from Domination, including epic Grissel.

image from Privateer Press

I really liked Jarl's sculpt but I'm not blown away by this one.  I think she looks a little too much like Horthol.  Granted, most anything would be an improvement over her original sculpt but I'm just now wowed by the epic version.

lady Horthol?

The text that accompanies these previews usually gives some inkling into the model's rules but in this case I'm struggling to make good guesses.

"Grissel Bloodsong stands as a bastion amid the storm devastating the lives of her people. Assuming leadership was never her goal, but she has proven worthy of shouldering the burden of Marshal of the Kriels in Ironhide’s absence. She gladly fights alongside her warriors and asks nothing of them she would not risk herself. They trust her to save them whether by shrewd words or the booming of her explosive voice and hammer on the battlefield."

I imagine she'll have a lot of infantry support and it sounds like she'll still have a spray but otherwise I don't have a clue.  Hopefully her rules are more interesting than her model!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September Summary

Painting for Points
I had hoped to break 100 points this month and I was successful!  I finished Jarl, Magnus, and a Mangler to get me up and over 100 points to 103.  I've now got 3 months to pass my previous year's total of 118 - that's 5 points a month.

New Model Fund
I've been very well behaved in recent months regarding my spending and Spetember was no exception.  I bought Jarl (or paid for him, a friend bought the model for me at Gencon) for $18 but managed to resist the temptation of other models.  I'll have $62.35 for October and I expect to use some of it as I get my Templecon prep in full gear.