Friday, July 30, 2010

Taking a Vacation

I've been trying to put this off for a while but recently, real life commitments have finally pushed my hobby time past the point where I can maintain my Monday / Wednesday / Friday posting schedule. I had a good seven month run of it but for the next few weeks I'm going to relax my schedule a bit and just post when I've done something.

I hope to be back to normal posting in the fall when I have some more free time and the sun isn't taking me outside.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Turorial: Painting Arc Lines on Bases

Sorry about missing my Friday update. Last week was a perfect storm of work, class, and marathon training preventing me from getting anything done. This week doesn't look to be much better but I'm hoping to sneak in some time to finish those 6 Kayazy.

Models in Warmachine / Hordes have a front and back facing that plays an important role in what they can see and do in game. It isn't required, but many players (myself included) paint arc lines on the bases of their models to make it clear which half of the model is the front half.

This is the template I use to help me figure out exactly where I should paint the marks on my models' bases. Usually I'll place the model on the correct size circle (blue for small bases, yellow for medium, and red for large), turn it so that the model's face is pointing along one of the lines, and then paint small lines on the perpendicular axis.

I printed a few of these things out and keep them on my desk. This is usually the last step for me when finishing a model. It has been very helpful for checking to see if models have LOS and for determining when free strikes should or should not happen.

Feel free to download this image and use it for your models.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ebay Extravaganza!

I'm moving to a new apartment in September and I've made the decision to start selling off some old models to make a little space. If you know anyone looking for some cheap reinforcements for their Space Marine army, tell them to take a look!

Space Marine Terminators on the sprue

old style Chaos Knights

Cypher, Fallen Angel

old style Blood Claws pack

old style plastic Terminators

14 Tactical Marines

20 plastic Scouts

20 Tactical Marines

The marines painted as Ultra Marines are well over 10 years old (probably closer to 15 years at this point) and are the first models I ever painted. Most of these models haven't seen the light of day in a long time but nostalgia has prevented me from selling them.

Hopefully they'll find a good home somewhere.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Warmachine MkII Errata

I got a chance to read the errata that Privateer Press posted last week. There aren't many massive changes but there are a few interesting tidbits in the document:
  • Bulldoze on the Spriggan and Devastator: There was some discussion online about whether these 'jacks could use Bulldoze outside of their activation (like, say, under Zerkova's Watcher spell) but it is limited only to movement during their activation.
  • Epic Asphyxious' feat got a little nerf as it can no longer bring back large based models. This means no more Soul Hunters coming back to life.
  • There is a slight re-wording to eMadrak's Grim Salvation ability but it doesn't really change anything.
  • The errata makes a change to a model for Trolls that hasn't been announced yet. It looks like a character solo named Janissa Stonetide with an ability or spell called Wall of Stone. No idea about her rules or what that ability does but it is exciting none the less!
This is clearly not the whole document, just the few things I noticed that were of interest to me.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Next Up - Kayazy!

I've been putting this off since I bought them but I'm going to get all 11 Kayazy painted. There is a minimum unit of 6 on my painting table right now that I'll be working through first. Once they're done I'll tackle the other 4 and the Underboss. Here's where the first 6 are right now:

The typical level of painting on my Khador army is higher than what I've been doing on the Trolls but I don't want to spend that much time on this mass of grunts. The Kayazy will have more layers of highlights than the Trolls but not as many as my normal Khador level.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trolls - First Impressions

Three games in, here are some things I'm learning about my Trolls.

Trolls are Tough
Yes, all Trolls have the Tough ability, but that's only part of it. The Kriel Stone pushed my Champions up to ARM 20 and the rest of my infantry somewhere in the ARM 14 to 16 range. Combine that with the natural Tough ability and Surefoot boosting DEF and granting Steady and my Trolls soak up damage incredibly well.

Buff Stacking is Hard
Trolls have the ability to stack tons of buffs on models, something Khador doesn't do much of. Even in my small 25 point games I was stacking Sure Foot with the Kriel Stone with Defensive Line with Fell Calls and maybe an animus if I was really feeling crazy. That's a lot of options to pick from and keeping all of them straight was a new challenge for me.

Medium Bases are Big
Most of my Khador army is on small bases so maneuvering around with an army of medium bases took some thinking. Charge and movement lanes became clogged very quickly and for the first two games I felt like my models couldn't get out of each others' way.

Fury is Fun
The Fury mechanic is so much fun. Having essentially 5 Focus on my Mauler meant that he could dish out quite a bit more damage than a 'jack with only 3 Focus. Fury management is the name of the game, but even running hot isn't so terrible if the closest model to a beast that might Frenzy is an enemy.

Some of this is comes from the list I chose (a brick style list tries to maximize defensive buffs by staying close together) but either way, I'm excited to get some more games in with this army.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tournament Report - Show Your Colors

I played in a 25 point Steamroller tournament this weekend. Armies were limited to faction models only and had to be fully painted. I only brought one list, the pMadrak list I was painting last week. Six players came (2 Cygnar, Khador, Cryx, Menoth, and Trolls) and I won first place going 3-0 on the day.

My first game was against a pHaley list with an Ironclad, Lancer, Gunmages, Long Gunners, Journeyman, and a Gunmage Captain Adept. There wasn't much going on in this game because the Cygnar player was new and I had never used this army. We both tried to do damage but he had two Arcane Shields up and my Champions + Kriel Stone made it so not much happened. I won on a tie breaker because I killed his Ironclad, the only serious casualty of the game.

my brick right after the Mauler ate the Ironclad

The second game was against Khador. He was running pSorscha, Beast-09, full Winterguard with some rockets, Yuri, and a Manhunter. I was really nervous about this game. I figured the Winterguard + Joe were going to shoot me to death before I could do anything and then Beast would come in and clean up anything left alive.

I ended up winning this game by clearing out a few stray Winterguard, casting Rage and War Cry on the Mauler, and then charging Sorcha, who had come forward to feat and freeze my army.

most of my brick is frozen but the Mauler ate Sorscha

The last game was against the other Cygnar player using eStryker, full Stormblades, the Black 13th, Lancer, Stormclad, and Squire. I've never played eStryker before but I knew he had a long range assassination run so I wanted to keep Madrak safe. He got a huge alpha strike on my brick using the Stormblade's assault and Stryker's feat, but my Fellcaller responded by killing 7 of them on Madrak's feat turn, followed up by the remaining Champions killing the Lancer and the Mauler wrecking the Stormclad.

The last turn saw Stryker in a tough spot. He could come up with 3 attacks on Madrak, who had 3 transfers and a fully healthy Mauler to transfer to, or he could try to kill the Mauler, hope Madrak couldn't kill Stryker, and then win next turn since I had almost no army left. He killed the Mauler but Madrak was able to roll exactly enough damage on his last attack to kill Stryker.

right before Stryker kills the Mauler (the Lancer and Stormclad are dead here)

The Cygnar player and I were the only two undefeated players going into round 3 and with my win here I took first place! It was great fun to see so many painted models and to have a tournament with so many factions represented, and it was low key so I'm glad I brought the Trolls out.

Friday, July 9, 2010

25 Points of Trolls Done!

It was close but I stayed up late last night and finished my army for tomorrow's tournament! Here they are waiting patiently for some gloss varnish and Dullcoat.

I have no idea how this army is going to play tomorrow. I sort of know of how Hordes works and and have pretty good sense of what my units can do, but this will be my first time playing with this system and army.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Krielstone Bearers

I've been scrambling to get my army ready for the tournament this weekend. Here are the latest additions to the force, a minimum unit of Krielstone Bearers.

This was the first time I've tried my speed method on four models at once and it still seems to work well. I added in some more purple on these guys to help them stand out from the more soldier-like units that I'll be doing.

The brown wash didn't do much to the purple and I was a little heavy handed when I applied it to the yellow so I went back with them and added some quick highlights.

Only two more models to go!

Monday, July 5, 2010

June Summary

Painting for Points
June marked the start of my summer classes and marathon training and so I didn't get as much painted as I have in the past few months. I finished 2 Champions, an Axer, Madrak, and a Fell Caller for another 6 points and a total of 46 for the year.

New Model Fund
An unintended consequence of my lack of hobby time has been that I'm spending nothing on new models. My total for July is -$71.26. Still not a great number but it is coming down.

I hope all of my fellow American bloggers are enjoying their day off - I'm going to go on a hike!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Finished Fell Caller

I finished this guy in an evening or two of work. His face got a little too much of the brown wash and I had to go back in with the yellow to get the colors right. I'm not thrilled with how he turned out but he looks alright and that's what I'm going for.

A Fell Caller is a 3 point solo, which seems a bit high on paper (considering that 6 Kriel Warriors are 4 points) but he provides some serious awesomeness.

Right off the bat he has two POW 10 Weapon Master attacks and a POW 12 spray, which is enough to put the hurt on infantry of any sort. As sweet as that is though, it is his special Fell Calls that really make this guy shine.

Once per turn he can give a unit Pathfinder (awesome for getting up the field fast), make them stand up (passing Tough checks makes you knocked down - this guy makes it not matter), or give them +2 on their attack rolls (MAT 9 Champions? Yes please.).

This is the definition of a tool-box - he has some helpful thing to do every single turn.