Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Summary

This was a great month for me hobby wise. I managed to get to the store three times and play a lot of games with my Grissel list. I didn't win many of them, but it was fun to put some models on the table after not being able to for a while.

New Model Fund
I decided not to buy any new models for the rest of the year. I have a bunch of Trolls still to paint, a few more Khador models left over, plus some Malifaux and Cygnar models on my shelf. I will have to buy a single model for the Secret Santa model exchange on Librarium Online next month.

I started November with $50.66 and bought a foam tray for my model bag that cost 10 bucks. I an effort to save money I'm not going to keep any of the extra, so I'll have $50 for December.

Painting for Points
November was a great month for me painting wise. I managed to get 24 points painted between three Long Riders, Horthol, 10 Burrowers, and a Dire Troll Blitzer. I'm now up over 100 points for the year (104 total) and I'm hoping to get another big batch of Trolls done this month.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dire Troll Blitzer

I was feeling really good after finishing the Burrowers so I started on this guy right away. Apparently I was pretty burned out though, and he just kind of sat on my desk in various stages of progress.

I'm going to visit my parents for Thanksgiving after work today so last night I sat down and put in a good shift of painting to finish this model. I don't like leaving things unfinished if I can help it so the holiday was good motivation for me.

He didn't turn out as well as the other two heavies I've done but I'm happy he's finished and I'm interested to use him in a Grim list. I've never used a model with Virtuoso before and I think it will be fun hit something a few times with the Blitzer's claws and then shoot it in the face.

I have two train rides ahead of me and I'm going to give a good second read to my Trolls book.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


This past weekend I played a game with our local Press Ganger using his new Gator army with Bloody Barnabas. The table was terrain heavy with a big swamp in the middle (we figured, why not go all out for the first game) and I got demolished.

In the photo you can see two circles (one labeled smoke, the other is light blue) that were swamps Barnabas gets to place at the beginning of the game. The two giant templates near the top of the photo are Swamp Pits - a 2 fury spell Barnabas can cast. All of that, combined with the heavy terrain, was a huge problem for my list. I had zero models with Pathfinder in the army and Barnabas was able to get me stuck in difficult terrain for the entire game.

so many swamps

I sent most of my army up the middle of the board and the Long Riders along my right flank. The Gators were spread pretty evenly across the board, so I used Hoof It and the Long Riders' SPD 7 to shift everything to my right side, hoping to isolate half of his army. I think it was a good plan, and I know my opponent was nervous about it, but between his models being Amphibious (stupid me agreeing to put a big swamp in the middle of the board) and Barnabas throwing Swamp Pits and his feat around, it didn't matter.

He had some Iron Fleshed gators tarpit my tarpit, Swamp Pits and a Wrasler slow down and eat my Long Riders, and just generally ground my army into the ground.

Even though I lost, the game was one of the more fun ones I've played recently. I knew I was losing the middle (and most of my army) but I thought I could pull of a sneaky assassination with the Long Riders running around back of his army. It might have worked but the middle collapsed a little too early and Barnabas was able to move some of his army to stop my plan.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pyg Burrowers and Their Uses

Normally infantry units make my soul sad, but these little guys painted up in no time and I had a lot of fun with them. I even did the whole unit in one go instead of breaking them up 5 and 5. The yellow doesn't have as much depth as I'd like but I'm worried that another wash will be too dark. I may just leave them as is and move on to other models - these guys just tipped the Trolls over into 50% painted.

The internet is all up in arms about these guys. A lot of people think they're incredibly powerful and undercosted - there are a number of very long threads on the PP boards about them and how best to use them.

Here's the gist of what they can do:

They deploy 16" forward with Advance Deploy. Turn 1 they burrow and move 5" forward. Turn 2 they pop up (after being totally immune to any attacks) and are sitting at 26" forward, over half way across the board. They can charge 9", meaning they have a threat range of 35". Your enemy deployment zone is 38" away from your board edge, so these guys can realistically attack anything that moved more than 3" out of the enemy deployment zone on turn 2.

Not only that, but with a Fell Caller on hand to give them a MAT buff, each Burrower can attack with a boosted POW 8 and an unboosted POW 14 at MAT 6. Assuming average rolls those turn into POW 18 and POW 21 respectively. That's a ton of high POW attacks at a reasonable MAT that can't be attacked before they get the charge off. Oh, and they're only 6 points.

I tend to take the internet with a grain of salt (although I didn't see any ridiculous claims being made) but this past weekend at the tournament a player I have a lot of respect for gave them a try and came away very impressed. Once they're painted I'll take them for a spin and see if I can't make the little unit of doom work for me.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Breast Cancer Brawl Tournament Report

After weeks of painting Trolls to get ready for this tournament I headed down to my LGS this past weekend for some games. I brought my 35 point Grissel list. The tournament was a fund raiser for a local breast cancer charity so we could buy tickets for re-rolls and tournament specific shenanigans.

My first game was against a newer player who had a fantastically converted Cryx army. He was running pAsphyxious, a bunch of Satyxis Raiders and solos, full Soul Hunters and Darragh Wrathe, and some other things.

We traded Kriel Warriors for Radiers in the middle of the map while trying to control two control points. I was about 60 seconds away from claiming the only control point of the game when dice down was called, and he won on the 4th tie-breaker because he had more models in his control zone.

Sort of a heart breaking way to lose the first game of the day but it was a fun game and I should have been more aggressive.

Horthol (cavalry rider on the left) about to take the control point at the end of the hill

Game 2 was against a Cygnar player running Siege, Stormblades, Gun Mages, the Black 13th, a Defender, Stormclad, and Squire.

I used Hoof It to get my Kriel Warriors 17" forward on the second turn into the face of his Gun Mages on my left side. They were able to tie down that side AND score a control point before dying, and my Long Riders were able to get another one on the right side to send me up 2-0 (game to 3).

He killed the Kriels, picked up a point on that side, and by the end of the turn I was left with only Grissel and a Pyre Troll. There was no way to kill Siege and I'd be dead if he got another turn so I knew I had to pick up the third control point. The board looked like the photo below without the Bouncer and cavalry - my Pyre and his Squire and Stormclad were all contesting the control point at the beginning of my turn.

Since Grissel and the Pyre wouldn't be able to scrap the Stormclad my only option was to slam it out of the control zone. Because my Pyre was a medium base I needed to roll a 5 or 6 to get the required 3 inches - after a lot of tickets spent on re-rolls I got what I needed and slammed the 'jack into the water! Grissel mopped up the Squire and I picked up my 3rd control point for the win.

situation not looking good

The third game was against an infantry heavy eGoreshade list. There were two units of Bane Thralls, a unit of Bane Knights, Tartarus, and some arc nodes. I wasn't prepared to deal with this list at all, and since the scenario was Kill Box I had to run forward. My army got picked apart pretty easily and I conceded after a few turns when my army was gone.

so many Banes

All in all is was a great time and between all of the players, LGS owners, and some other generous people we raised 700 dollars for breast cancer research. I didn't play as well as I would have liked but it is hard to feel bad about a tournament where you can do something good like that.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Horthol, Long Rider Champion

It was close, but I managed to get my entire 35 point army completed in time for this past weekend's Breast Cancer Brawl. Horthol and his dismount were the last two models I needed to finish.

He was a lot more fun to paint than the unit of Long Riders were, and I managed to do most of the painting on both models in a single evening.

I'm still getting the hang of cavalry and all of their tricks, so hopefully he'll perform better for me in the future.

Expect a full tournament report on Thursday or Friday.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Long Riders

These guys weren't as much fun as the single models I've been doing recently, but didn't break my spirit nearly as much as the Kriel Warriors did.

I remember having some trouble with Wood Elf cavalry as well a few years ago. Something about having to paint a model, and then a horse for it to ride on, starts to drag after a while. It was a lot of fun to drybursh the ox's shaggy manes though.

They're done though, and I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. Only two more models left to finish the army, and I've got until tonight to get it all done.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Deadly Duos Non-Tournament Report

Only four players showed up to the tournament this weekend (including the Press Ganger and one late player) so we scrapped it and just played some games under the strange format.

I played a game against a Cygnar player running this list:



end of turn 2, not much happening yet

As expected, this was a weird game. He was able to really stall my advance for two turns, first with Haley's feat and then Stryker's feat. During those two turns Thorn and the Lancer were able to remove the cortex from both of my Juggernauts, the Defenders were able to nearly put down one of my Kodiaks, Rowdy took out the other Kodiak, and some good Telekinesis and Earthquake play caused my Spriggan to be knocked down in the lake. Not good.

I was able to make a late game rally with the Butcher and the Juggernauts, killing the Defender and Rowdy on my left hand side with Butcher and the Lancer and Thorn with the Juggernauts. However, I made a poor choice with Butcher when I charged Rowdy (should have charged the Defender) and he caught a Defender charge in the back and died.

After that it was just some mopping up and Sorcha went down. Her and the Destroyers attached to her were pretty useless the whole game, doing almost no damage even with boosted shots.

Even though I lost this was a very fun format. I'm looking forward to the Breast Cancer Brawl this weekend to see if I can do a better job with the Trolls.

Monday, November 1, 2010

October Summary

October was a pretty good month for me hobby wise. I managed to get to the LGS twice for some games (something I haven't been able to do much recently), paint a bunch, and stay on budget again!

New Model Fund
I started with $71.25 in October. I spent $33.99 on the new Trolls book and $35.94 on Horthol for my Breast Cancer Brawl list leaving me with $1.32 left in the bank. I'll start November with $50.66.

Painting for Points
Going into this month I was at 72 points - only 6 points shy of my total points from 2009. I painted an Earthborn Dire Troll, Troll Bouncer, and Grissel Bloodsong for 8 points total and a 80 for 2010. I've got a head start on 3 Long Riders and Horthol because they need to be done for next weekend, and that's another 9 points right there - maybe I can get 100 points by the end of December?