Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sylys the Christmas Elf

Here's a WIP shot of Mr. Wishnailer himself. The red / green / white combo that he has going on make me think he's one of Santa's elves.

The white was a giant pain to do. It looks pretty good from arms length but doesn't hold up under close inspection. I don't think I'll have time to paint this weekend but hopefully he'll be done sometime next week.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Old Witch and Scrapjack

I've been away from my toy soldiers for a while and what brought me back was thinking about Khador. I was pretty keen on them when I stopped playing 6 months ago and I'm even more interested in them recently.

Old Witch wasn't a 'caster that interested me when I started playing but after reading Hellboy and seeing the Baba Yaga in the comics I changed my mind. Also, watching Jamie P do amazing things with her at Templecon didn't hurt.

Scrapjack was probably the most challenging model I've ever had to assemble but was a blast to paint. The witch herself is a surprisingly creepy model. Her cape has faces in it and the bad she's carrying has imprints of tiny hands - weird stuff.

They aren't my best work but I was surprised how well they came out considering how rusty my painting skills are. The Old Witch's face in particular ended up looking very nice for an old lady.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Getting Back to Gaming

This weekend there is a 20 point scenario thingy at my LGS that I'm planning to go to. It is some kind of king-of-the-hill something-or-other and is limited to beasts / 'jacks only.

These will be my first games since mid-March so I'm aiming for fun more than anything else.

I wanted to take my Khador but I don't fancy any of my 'casters successfully running 'jack heavy so now I'm thinking about taking this Troll list:

Calandra +5
+Mauler 9
+Earthborn 10
+Axer 6

Calandra doesn't do anything obviously awesome for beasts but I think there could be some potential here.
  • Soothing Song will let her run hot every turn
  • Befuddle and Force Blow should allow me to control the enemy heavies to set up favorable charges
  • Star Crossed, Good Omens, and Fate Blessed will let me control dice to hit hard (or stop the enemy from hitting hard) when I need to
Also, Rage and Rush are two super strong animii and Calandra has the Fury to cast them when and where they're needed.

I'm a little worried about Calandra being a very squishy target in a sea of beefy killers and also the fact that I've never played her. However, I've got her painted and I think she'll be fun so this is probably what I'll be running.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On The Painting Table

Now that I have a painting table again (my old one broke during our move) I've started putting some paint on metal again.

My photo set up is not quite up to snuff yet but it will do for some quick WIP shots. I've been working on The Old Witch and Scrapjack over the long weekend. Scrappy is further along with most of the color blocking done - hopefully I can start washing and highlighting tonight. The witch just has a few colors that I had extras of when painting Scrapjack.

I've been feeling the Warmachine bug lately and was excited to get paint on models again. I've even been thinking about lists and Templecon 2013!