Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jarl Skuld Spolied at Comicon!

Rumors were flying this past weekend because Jarl Skuld, the new Troll warlock, was on sale at Comiccon!

image from Privateer Press


Nothing special here. Fury 6 is average and RAT 7 is solid for his guns.

Black Penny is a pretty cool thing to have for a guy packing two magical hand cannons and access to Snipe. Evasive, Swift Hunter, and Pathfinder will allow him to be all over the board to make his shots count. Gunfighter means he won't be totally shut down by being engaged.

This is where the fun is.

Quicken! SPD 8 Fennblades? SPD 9 Long Riders? Heck, even SPD 7 Champions! Or, what about SPD 6 Mulg?!

As if two hand cannons with Black Penny weren't good enough for spot removal, enter Magic Bullet. Now not even Stealth can keep those pesky solos safe!

As if Quicken weren't enough to get Jarl's army moving, enter Tactical Supremacy. I'm thinking that Champs with Skaldi can charge forward, use Follow Up to kill more stuff, and then consolidate using this spell to get their defensive bonuses.

Weald Secrets is another movement buff for Jarl's infantry and saves the Fellcaller from having to give a unit Pathfinder.

Three of these spells are upkeeps and Jarl is going to want Far Strike most turns so I'm thinking he'll be a little short on Fury for transfers.

The spoilers are a little unclear about this but it sounds like he'll get to place at least four 4" AOE cloud effects in his control area. They don't block friendly LOS and friendly models get Pathfinder and can move through things while they're in the clouds. There is also some rumored penalty to enemy models that move through them.

It sounds like a cool board control feat to me that can help zone off sections of the table or allow a free-ish turn of movement.

Jarl sounds like a very good infantry support warlock, especially in the movement phase. His guns are nasty against infantry and solos but he won't be able to seal the deal against enemy 'casters alone. Mostly he looks like a lot of fun (and what a model!).

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Painted Mulg

I'm glad this guy is done. He's a fantastic model with just the right amount of details to be interesting without being a chore to paint, but he's do big and heavy and awkward!

I haven't based him yet because I don't know how PG_Snakeman bases his Trolls (I've never actually seen them).

I am rather sad to have to give Mulg up. I put a lot of time into him (again, so big!) and I'm really happy with how he turned out.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This coming weekend is the New England Team Tournament and we had 11 guys at the store this weekend helping our team get ready. Our team asked me to bring a beast heavy eDoomshaper list and an eMadrak list with Burrowers so that was what I was playing.

Game 1 - Scaverous

This was a combined arms list with two arc nodes, a Harrower, Bane Knights, Black Ogrun, and some support solos. I was running a Tier 4 eDoomshaper list with Mulg, Earthborn, Mauler, and 2 units of Champs.

My opponent hadn't seen an eDoomie feat turn before so I was able to get Mulg into his face on turn 2. You can see above that it took a charge and 3 goads to get him there. I had enough Fury to buy one attack and then used the free attack from Doomshaper being on the table to kill Scaverous.

We were both curious about Scaverous and his feat turn, so after the game we played it out assuming Scaverous hadn't died. He was able to quite easily assassinate Doomie with his feat and some nasty spell casting - another Cryx 'caster to watch out for.

Game 2 - Cassius

My opponent was trying Cassius out for the first time and I decided to try eMadrak at 35 points. Cassius was super aggressive and got right in my face in turn 2 and feated. I think he was relying on my lack of pathfinder (my Fellcaller got sniped) and the sight restrictions of the forest to keep him safe but my Burrowers were able to pop up around the tree and Cassius.

With Madrak making them weapon masters and his feat giving them each 3 attacks it didn't take long for the tree to go down.

Game 3 - Vayl

I was not prepared for the beatdown I got in this game. He was running 4 heavies, Hex Hunters, and some solos. I was using eMadrak with a Bomber, Earthborn, Burrowers, Kriel Warriors, and some other light beasts and solos. My plan was to hit him with waves of weapon masters (Burrowers first, then Kriel Warriors) before finishing with Madrak and the beasts.

Everything went terribly wrong on his second turn when he used sprays and the Hex Hunters' magic to kill nearly all of my Burrowers and Kriel Warriors. Suddenly I was looking at his 4 heavy beasts against my 2 + Madrak. I tried to bait one of his heavies out while also maneuvering for a Bomber assassination but my opponent was too smart to fall for either.

He picked the rest of my army apart over a few turns and took a very comfortable win.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mulg the Ancient WIP

I'm taking a brief break from painting my own stuff to paint someone else's stuff!

A few weeks ago I was prepping for the New England Team Tournament and I wanted to run an epic Doomshaper list that included Mulg. I'm not able to afford Mulg right now so I asked my local Press Ganger PG_Snakeman if I could borrow his for the tournament. He very generously agreed and I offered to paint Mulg to say thanks.

I'm no longer able to attend the NETT but I had already started Mulg when my plans changed.

I've got some good work on the blue skin and the rocks done. I'm going to try to do glowing green / yellow runes as well. Mulg's face looks a little rough right now and I'm hoping that some paint on his tusks and mouth will help bring it together.

I'd really like to get this model done over the weekend but I'm not sure I'll be able to swing that much time at my painting desk.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Half Year Checkup

Every January I take a look back at the previous year's hobby achievements and look ahead to some things I'd like to accomplish in the coming year. Usually I forget all about these resolutions until the following January, but not this year! It has been 6 full months since I made my resolutions for 2011 and I wanted to take a look at how I'm doing:

Go to Templecon fully painted.

Finish all of my Troll and Khador models.
Templecon put a big dent in my Troll models and I've kept working on them since. There are 10 Trolls left to be painted and a single Khador model left. This should be very doable.

Paint 100 points of models.
I'm up to 77 points done at the 6 month mark and have a ton of painting that I want to do. Easy.

Participate in some kind of slow grow league at my LGS.
Done and it was awesome! I was really bummed I didn't get to play as many games as I wanted in this league but it was a blast.

Purchase fewer models and paint more models.
The slow grow league and Templecon caused my to buy a bunch of models so I've failed a bit there but I have been painting up a storm this year.

Sell off my Tau and give some serious thought to selling the Wood Elves.
I'm in the process of selling my Tau right now (and my Space Marines!) and I've decided to sell the Wood Elves as well. I'm still deciding the best way to sell the Elves but I expect them to be done by the end of the year.

Make a conscious effort to improve myself as a player.
This is a little harder to quantify. I still lose a ton but I believe that I'm thinking better about the game and making smarter decisions. I also think I'm a smarter list builder now than I was last year. I'm trying to build lists where every model has a purpose and I try to start each game with a plan of attack.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Forge Guard

I've been super busy lately with stuff non-hobby related but I did complete these guys last night.

Forge Guard have been a mixed bag for me. I was really excited to use them with Ashlynn because she makes them SPD 6 weapon masters with reach - what's not to love? I was thinking that their ARM 18 would keep them safe while they got into position but it turned out not to be and early on they just died a lot.

I switched my thinking to having them tarpit and they were a lot better at that. Since they have reach I can engage a lot of enemy models with just a few of mine meaning they can tarpit in waves. Also, as the waves charge in they kill a ton of stuff since they're weapon masters and sometimes I'd get lucky and they would crit slam stuff.

I've got another four to paint but I'm probably going to move on to something else first.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Summary

Painting for Points
Another good month for me, buoyed by the One Thing A Week Painting Challenge on the PP forums. I started strong but lately I've been unable to paint and didn't get as much done this month as I initially thought I could. I'm up to 77 points this year after finishing 6 Steelhead Riflemen, pEiryss, Borka and Keg Carrier, and a Stone Scribe Chronicler.

New Model Fund
Finally, a month that I behaved in. I started June with -$107.29 and didn't buy any models! I'm still not in a great place with my fund but I'm getting back on track and will have -$57.29 in July.