Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Amethyst Rose Gun Mages

I had hoped to get this unit done last week but work got crazy and suddenly the week was gone and I hadn't done as much as I wanted.

Overall I'm happy with how they turned out. The purple was fun to do I like the combination of the white, black, and purple. Their faces didn't turn out very well and the black was tough to get right but I like the unit and I'm happy to have them done.

Next up, the Mule that hangs out with them.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ragman and a Gun Mage

I worked on these guys over the weekend and am quite pleased with both of them.

Ragman was just fun to paint. He has almost no extra details to worry about, but his clothes have this great texture that I enjoyed working with a lot. Most of the major colors are layered up from black, instead of my normal technique of basing, washing to darken, and highlighting. I did a similar thing with Gorman but had more fun here.

The Gun Mage is actually the UA model for the unit. I don't have the unit fully assembled yet and wanted to get started figuring out their color scheme. I spent some time on the PP forums trying to figure out what Amethyst Rose Gun Mages look like and this is a fusion of several things I liked. I enjoyed this guy as well but I'm not excited to do the black robes on six more models.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Some WIPS and a Pledge

The Great Blogger Blackout of 2011 seems to be over!

I've been falling way behind on my painting for the Slow Grow League at my LGS. Normally I'm one of the few players at my store who can routinely field a fully painted army but lately I've had the fewest painted models on the table. I don't think I can actually be fully painted with this list but I know I can do a lot better.

Here's a few shos of Ragman and the UA for my Gun Mages.

Ragman is mostly done, the Gun Mage is mostly not.

Now for the pledge. There's a bit of a break coming up in the league and the next official games aren't until Saturday the 4th of June. Today is the 13th of May. That's 21 days that I can be painting and I'm going to make the most of it. My goal is to finish these two models plus all six of my Gun Mages and my Mule.

That would make my 50 point list look like this (red things are unpainted)

6 Gun Mages
+UA and Mule
6 Steelhead Riflemen
10 Forgeguard
Aiyana and Holt

There are 5 points left and I'm thinking about a few different shooty solos. My current thinking is Taryn di la Rovissi and epic Eiryss but I'm also looking at Anastasia di Bray for fluff considerations and may have to use prime Eiryss due to stocking issues.

I suspect that I can get more painted in that time but if I can get that much done I'll be happy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Slow Grow League - Week 4

This week we moved up to 35 points. Here's the list I ran:

Gun Mages + UA
6 Forge Guard
Aiyanna and Holt

My first game wasn't a league game. I played PG_Hacksaw running Grissel, Champions, and Burrowers. I didn't have much of a plan this game but it didn't matter because my dice were terrible. We both had a good laugh about it but this game was never close.

After that debacle I played a Cryx list running pAsphyxious, some Bane Thralls, Bloodgorgers, and Slaughterborn. The early game went reasonably well for me and I think I had some good things going but my dice went cold again and he could not fail a Tough check on the Bloodgorgers. I poured a ton of resources into them trying to set something up and couldn't get it to work. I probably could have saved the game by trying something else but I got too focused.

My last game was against a Legion player running Absylonia, three heavies, several lessers, and some Forsaken. I got a good start to this game by taking out his Carnivean early but he got back into it by clogging up the middle of my lines and pressuring my Gun Mages on the left. I was able to get a solid win because he forgot about my Mule and didn't budget enough Fury for transfers.

Finally - a win! I'm really loving this army but I'll admit it was starting to be a bummer that I hadn't won a game yet. I'm still not really sure what this army's win condition is but I'm going to start looking for ranged wins in the future. I've also noticed that a lot of my support either gets killed early or never gets involved, usually due to poor deployment and movement on my part.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reinholdt and Vanguard

It has been a while since I've posted anything painted. I have been painting but just haven't taken any photos.

This first fellow is Reinholdt, the Gobber Speculator. He hangs out with Ashlynn and gives her a free hand cannon shot - she loves that. I'm not sure why he looks so shiny in the photos.

This is Ashlynn's Vanguard. He comes along to take shots meant for her and sometimes he gets to beat up on infantry or solos.

I've been trying to incorporate some kind of Llaelese freehand onto the 'jacks in this army. Here I went with a few gold stars.

After the mess that was my sponge weathering on the Nomad I decided that the Vanguard would get some hand painted battle damage so I could control it better. You can see a few bullet hole chips on the shield. I also used some Gryphonne Sepia to give the impression that the holes had rusted out a little.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Summary

This wasn't the best hobby month for me. There has been a lot going on, not the least of which has been the gorgeous weather getting me outside running and away from my models.

New Model Fund
I was terrible this month. I spent $111.52 on the new Gun Mages, the Gun Mage UA, another plastic Cygnar heavy, and some bits to convert it into a Mule. I'm now sitting at -$43.36 for this month.

I will have to buy a few models for the next point level of the league but I'm hoping to offset it by selling off some of my GW models.

Painting for Points
I painted up a Nomad and Reinholdt (no photos yet) this month so I'm up to 52 painted points for the year. I'm planning to finish a Vanguard and a Mule this month to keep me on track, although I'm falling way behind on my painting for the league.