Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Games of 2009

This weekend I got in what will most likely be my last two games of Warmachine in 2009. The first was against Circle, the second against Skorne.

Druids of Orboros and Overseer
Lord of the Feast
Blackclad Wayfarer
Tharn Ravager Whitemane

Early on my Widowmakers caught the Blackclad and then ended up in melee with a few Druids. They managed to hamstring the unit for the whole game since no one could kill the other. I used Sorscha's feat to freeze both Warpwolves after they wrecked my Kodiak, who had been pulled into range by a Force Bolting Druid. The Destroyer took out one while Sorscha and the Demo Corps took out the second.

Kromac came in and killed most of what was left of my army. He was in the open close to Sorscha and I wasn't going to be able to win if I didn't kill him that turn. I tried to kill the Gorax so Kromac couldn't transfer damage to it but the Destroyer had a damaged axe arm and couldn't get it done.

Left without any other units to activate, I had Sorscha charge Kromac with six focus. She boosted the charge attack and got a critical freeze. The charge did 10 damage which Kromac transferred to the Gorax, killing it. Sorscha used the remaining 5 focus to buy three more attacks, boosting the damage on two. I rolled very well and ended up killing Kromac!

Titan Gladiator
Titan Bronzeback
6 Cataphract Arcuarii
10 Immortals

I had a good first two turns with my Widowmakers + Kell killing 6 Immortals and 2 Arcuarii and the Demo Corps finishing the other 4 Immortals. However, I completely misjudged the slam distance of the Bronzeback with Rush.

Sorscha was hiding behind her Kodiak which got slammed right over her. The Bronzeback followed up with three auto-hitting attacks in melee which saw Sorscha get squished very quickly.

This was the same opponent who caught me out last week with a tricky slam. I had correctly avoided putting Sorscha in the charge / slam range of the Bronzeback and had hidden her from LOS behind the Kodiak but again I forgot about slams. I need to be more careful about her placement in the future.

Friday, December 18, 2009

10 Games with Khador - Part 2: Where I'm Going

Yesterday I talked about how I think my current list is performing. Today I'm going to talk about how I think I can improve it.

The three areas I'm unsure about are Kell, the Koldun Lord + Destroyer combination, and the Demo Corps. The first two aren't things that I really feel the need to change - they've been effective for me so I'll keep them in for now and see how they continue to perform.

The Demo Corps however, are up for a change. As much as I love the models and the image of those glowing blue hammers swinging back and forth, I think 9 points for the unit is just too much for what they're giving me. They're quite powerful but are hampered by their speed, are a big target and easy to hit, and are just too expensive.

So, who's going to replace my beatstick infantry? The Great Bears! These guys have everything I like about the Demo Corps (except the hammers) and more. They're functionally ARM 16, which is the same at the Demo Corps, but have better a better DEF of 13. They move much faster at SPD 6, can't be knocked down, and have a 360 degree front arc for making better use of Backswing. They're also Weapon Masters, which means I no longer have to make the decision to get two attacks or boost a single attack - they can always make two boosted attacks!

Great Bears - image from Privateer Press

They hit a little lighter at P+S 12, are only 3 models to the Demo Corps' 5, and have fewer health boxes, but overall I think they're going to be an improvement. Especially considering they only cost 5 points, because that leaves room for me to add a Drakhun.

Man-O-War Drakhun - image from Privateer Press

This guy is a cavalry solo so he's moving at SPD 7 and has ARM 19. He gets a P+S 14 Weapon Master attack per turn, plus whatever his mount can do, and he also has the option for a ranged attack. He can't be knocked down and can make counter charges against models ending their activation near him. He costs 4 points, which means I can add him and the Great Bears for exactly 9 points, the same as my Demo Corps.

I like this option because it gives me to different, fast moving threats compared to my one, slow moving unit in the Demo Corps. Both of these units hit like bricks and are more survivable, plus the models are sweet.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

10 Games with Khador - Part 1: Where I Am

I've now played my first 10 games of Warmachine and I thought it would be appropriate to look back on my army and see how everything has performed. I'm 2.5 painted models away from buying some new units for the army and I'd like to look at the strengths and weaknesses of my list to see where I can improve. The list is:

Koldun Lord
5 Man-O-War Demo Corps
Greylord Ternion
Kell Bailoch

Kell Bailoch
Kell is a 2 point solo who operates as a 5th Widowmaker. His MAT is a little better than the Widowmakers and if he stands still he gets a second shot. He looks great on paper but I'm not totally sold on him. If he moves his effectiveness is cut in half and now I'm paying 2 points for one shot when I still get full effectiveness on the move from my Widowmakers. He has his uses but he may be more situational.

I love this solo. He has never failed to be very effective and almost always kills back his points. On the rare times when he doesn't, he ties up quite a bit more than he's worth for a turn or two to allow the rest of my army to be effective. He's a threat on the flanks that causes my opponents to think hard about their deployment and he functions well as a 6th Man-O-War or a bodyguard for Sorscha.

Greylord Ternion
Another very effective unit for me. In my first few games I wasn't using them very aggressively and they weren't performing well but since I've started moving them forward more they've become very good for me. Early on their Blizzard spell helps keep my Man-O-Wars safer from shooting. In the mid and late game their sprays are good for cleaning out infantry or knocking a few damage boxes off a 'caster, and I've used them as a one turn screen for Sorscha to keep her safe. The Ice Cage is a little less useful but the one time I tried I managed to get a 'jack stationary.

These guys are great but I'm still struggling to be confident using them. I want them shooting every turn so early positioning is important, but often I leave them too far forward to get charged or my opponent moves his army and they can't get shots off at infantry. I haven't had any success yet killing systems on 'jacks but I think as I get better with this unit I'll have more opportunities. I'm going to need a few more games to get these guys down.

Man-O-War Demo Corps
I love these models but of everything in the army they're probably the biggest liability. They're slow, easy to hit, and go down surprisingly quickly when my opponent wants them to. They're expensive at 9 points and once they're gone my army is a little stuck dealing with tough targets. They're also easy to tie up with infantry since good positioning means I can only kill one a turn, even with Backswing. I wouldn't say they've been a liability or ineffective for me but they're the first thing I'm thinking of changing.

This 'jack is hefty at 9 points but quite brutal. Being marshaled by the Koldun Lord means that he can boost the attack and damage rolls on the bombard almost every turn which is very effective. The two of them usually take a flank and sit just behind the main lines arching bombards. They're 11 points in total though, which is nearly a third of my army and sometimes I'm not sure they're doing enough. I'll probably stick with them for a while longer and see what happens.

Koldun Lord
Another two point solo who has been quite effective for me. His 'jack marshal and Power Booster ability make the Destroyer a lot more effective than Sorscha would be able to. He usually hangs back a bit from the front lines and since he's almost always using Power Booster I don't get to use his spells all that much. He and the Destroyer can be game changing but can also be big flops when the bombards don't fall my way.

I'm a big fan of this 'jack. I do my best to use Grab and Smash whenever I can. I'd love it if he did a little more damage in melee but he's still my go-to 'jack. The Heavy Boiler makes him focus light, Pathfinder means I'm not worried about terrain, and the model is sweet. I need to work on getting him more involved while also not getting destroyed because often it's one or the other. I may pick up a second one of these.

The more I play with Sorscha the more I like her style. Initially I wanted her to be a beatstick who used her spells and feat to set herself up to kill the enemy 'caster but I've found that not to be the case. I've had a lot more success using her as a support 'caster for the rest of my army, using her spells and feat to allow my army to more effectively kill everyone. I've had a lot of success using her feat to set up my troops to decimate the opponent's army, using the Hand Cannon and Razor Wind to pick off important models, and generally just have her run around and be a nuisance. I'm getting better at having her kill 'casters but I'm still looking for her to be a supporting model first and a beatstick second.

Coming up next, Part 2: Where I'm Going

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Warmachine

This weekend I managed to get in three games against two different Hordes armies. The first was 35 points against Legion.

4 Shredders
2 units of Blighted Swordsmen, one with Abbot and Champion
3 Raptors
Strider Deathstalker

Rhyas - image from Privateer Press

I was not prepared to deal with 20 SDP 6 (SPD 7 with Dash), DEF 14, Weaponmasters in this game. My opponent spread them out in a wide front with two or three ranks and then ran them straight at me.

After having Sorscha feat to freeze the huge wave of Swordsmen I killed a bunch of them and largely took no damage in return on his turn since everything was frozen. I saw an avenue to kill Rhyas on my next turn but I missed with the Destroyer and all three Greylord sprays so I backed out.

On his turn Rhyas feated and when everything was done I had lost most of my army, but Rhyas was sitting in the open and only protected by being incorporeal. Sorscha has a magical weapon so that isn't an issue, and a few minutes later I had the win!

The other two games were modified battle box games against a Skorne player. I was using Sorscha, a Kodiak, and a Destroyer.

Titan Bronzeback
2 Cyclops Savages

Skorne Battle Box - image from Privateer Press

This game started off very poorly for me because I didn't realize what Admonition could do. I managed to sneak off a charge on one of the Savages using Kodiak and Boundless Charge, only to have the Savage jump away when I got there. I expected the Kodiak to get boxed and leave me a 'jack down without having done any damage to him, but the Savage and Bronzeback were unable to take it down.

Sorscha used Tempest to freeze both Savages and her and the Destroyer put some damage on one of them. On of the Savages had Abuse cast on it and caught Sorscha in a charge but couldn't kill her. Morghoul moved in and feated, hoping to stall Sorscha for another turn.

I gave my Destroyer two focus and had Sorscha feat, catching the Savage engaging her and Morghoul. Since the Savage couldn't hit her with free strikes anymore, Sorscha moved away and hit Morghoul with a boosted hand cannon shot and a boosted Razor Wind spell. The Destroyer killed Morghoul with a boosted bombard shot.

Titan Gladiator
2 Cyclops Savages

Since these games go quickly we just set up again. The Skorne player took out the Bronzeback and added a Gladiator.

I started a little more conservatively after the early mistake I made last game, but I made another one this game in forgetting that Abuse gives +2" of movement. Sorscha got charged by a Savage and left with two points of health, while a second Savage moved up quite close.

My Destroyer charged the Savage engaging Sorscha but it had Admonition on it and jumped away. I hoped to have the Kodiak use Grab and Smash to throw the other Savage into the jumping one, but he missed his attack roll and I couldn't pull it off. I don't know why I didn't use Sorscha's feat defensibly here.

On his turn, the Skorne player had the Gladiator slam my Destroyer over Sorscha and kill her.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Journeyman Warcaster and Kell Bailoch

The Journeyman was actually completed last month as part of a holiday model swap on Librarium Online. My recipient is starting a Cygnar army so I painted him this guy who is almost an auto-include in any Cygnar army.

It also happens to be a model that I've wanted to paint myself for a while so I'm glad I got the opportunity to do so.

This other guy is Kell Bailoch, a mercenary sniper who I've added to be the fifth Widowmaker in my Khador army.

I used a lot of different browns on him and made good use of Devlan Mud. I tried to add a little color with the red bandanna and blue hat but I don't think the hat worked well.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Warmachine Tournament Report

On Saturday I went to my very first Warmachine tournament (actually, it was my first tournament of any kind). Since the field test rules for MkII Hordes were just released the local Press Gangers decided to hold a MkII tryout tournament so everyone could start getting a handle on the new rules. The format was 35 points and 12 people showed up.

My list was my standard 35 point Khador list:

Koldun Lord
5 Demo Corps
Kell Bailoch

My first game was against a very pink Legion army using the following list:

5 Warmongers
3 Raptors
2 Warmonger War Chiefs

The scenario was called Kill Box. There was a 24" x 24" box in the middle of the board and anyone who didn't have their 'caster in the box by the end of the third turn lost. 'Caster kill was the win condition, and the tie breaker if time was called was whoever had their 'caster closest to the middle of the board.

Sorscha used her feat to create a log jam of beasts and Warmongers in front of Thagrosh and it allowed my Demo Corps and Kodiak to do a lot of damage to those units and be pretty safe. The Widowmakers handled the Raptors and after Sorscha finished off the Carnivean with her hand cannon I was feeling pretty good about my chances to control the board and kill Thagrosh.

However, it started to look like he was going to have the last turn. If I didn't move Sorscha, he'd be closer to the middle and win. If I moved closer to the center he'd kill me, so I took a wild chance to kill Thagrosh with Sorscha and failed. On his turn he killed Sorscha and took the win. With a little more time I think I might have been able to win but I'm pretty happy with how I played and had a fun game with against a good opponent.

Game two was against another Khador player.

Windergurad with 3 Rocketeers and UA
Kovnik Joe
Kell Bailoch
Alten Ashley

The scenario was No Man's Land. There was a six inch area across the middle of the board. After turn three, anyone controlling the area got a control point. Anyone with two control points or a 'caster kill would win the game. If time was called, the first tie breaker was number of unit leaders in the area, the second tie breaker was whoever had their 'caster closer to the opponent's deployment zone.

I wasn't prepared for how hard Winterguard and Rocketeers hit with the UA, Kovnik Joe, and Butcher's feat all running at once. Between them and his three 'jacks my Demo Corps and Kodiak took a huge beating on Butcher's feat turn and left me with not many options.

I saw an avenue for an assassination on Butcher and took it. Sorscha Wind Rushed forward, then cast Boundless Charge and charged the Butcher for 11 inches. I needed to do 20 damage and only had two focus to do it with, but I thought I was going to lose the game next turn if I didn't kill the Butcher. I hit him for 10 on the charge but only 5 on the second swing and I thought I had lost, but the game ended on time and I won because Sorscha was closer to his deployment zone.

The highlight of the game (and the tournament) was when my Kodiak used Grab and Smash to throw a Juggernaut into and kill the Winterguard UA.

The third game was also against a Khador player.

2 Kodiaks
Doom Reavers
6 Kossite Woodsmen
War Dog
Ogrun Bokur

The scenario was Mosh Pit. There was a 12" circle in the middle of the board with the same control point rules as the previous scenario. You could also win on a 'caster kill and the tie breaker was whoever had a 'jack closest to the middle.

Most of the Mosh Pit was filled with a forest that made LOS a bit tricky. I had a tough time figuring out when to enter the forest to get charges off without suffering for it by being charged first. I ended up doing a poor job of it because he got a good alpha strike on my Demo Corps and Kodiak using the Juggernaut and Doom Reavers on Butcher's feat turn.

I had one of his Kodiaks pretty beat up and had worked his Juggernaut down to about half strength but without my Demo Corps and Kodiak I couldn't really threaten his 'jacks. He won when he threw my Destroyer out of the Mosh Pit and scored his second control point.

I had a great time playing three very fun games against three pleasant opponents. I thought all of my games would go like the third one and was really happy to play a competitive first game and come up with a win in my second.

I think I was able to get a much better feel for how my army runs. I have a much better understanding about the capabilities of my models and I'm a lot more aware of potential 'caster kill situations, both for getting me the win and avoiding a loss.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Preparing for my First Warmachine Tournament

I got in another Warmachine game last night. I played a 3 player game against Circle and Skorne with 35 points for everyone.

Lord of the Feast
War Wolf
Shifting Stones
Wolves of Orboros + UA

Titan Cannoneer
Molik Karn
Void Spirit
Tyrant Rhadeim
Praetorian Swordsmen + UA

Koldun Lord
5 MoW Demo Corps

The Wolves and Woldwarden moved towards the Praetorians and Cannoneer in the middle while everything else moved in my general direction. I held back a little bit, hoping to pick my targets and mop up after the melee for a win.

After two or so turns I managed to drop a bombard on Mohsar that left him with 5 health. The Skorne player mopped him up right after me and except for a few Wolves, the Circle army was pretty much out of it.

I hadn't lost much at that point. My Demo Corps charged in and did a fair amount of damage to Karn but didn't kill him. In his turn, Xerxis killed several of them and cleared the way for Karn to charge Sorscha, but he failed the charge.

Sorscha feated, went after Xerxis, and hit him with the charge attack and two other boosted attacks to leave him with one health. My Greylords finished the job.

I had to be told about the potential assassination attempt on Mohsar, although after hearing about it twice now (it was a similar thing to what I did to Durgen in my last game) I'm more on the lookout for it. Sorscha nearly killing Xerxis was my idea but it was a pretty obvious move.

This was a tough game to get much out of. Most of the things I learned were about reading the game and seeing opportunities, which is certainly important, but I'm still unsure how to use my army in a regular, 1 v 1 game. I should get in three games at the tournament this Saturday though and that will be a big help.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November Summary and Finished Kodiak

New Model Fund:

I tarted November with $68.18 and went a bit overboard this month. I bought an issue of No Quarter (my last issue as I'm not much of a fan of the magazine), a bunch of 40k bits for my Crimson Fists, several Warmachine models, and some miscellaneous things that I need to play Warmachine. In all, I ended the month with -$36.56, so I'm going to start December with $13.44.

My spending allowed me to get all of the models I need for a 35 point Khador list. Once I've got them painted I'm going to look a few new warcasters.

Painting for Points:

November started with 66 points. I finished two Sternguard, a Journeyman Warcaster, and a Kodiak for total of 8 points in November and 74 points this year.

Speaking of the Kodiak, here he is:

I'm still having some trouble getting my red highlights to work on this type of model but he's an improvement over the Destroyer and Juggernaut and I'm pleased with him overall. I'm hoping he's a big success in my games tomorrow night and the tournament this weekend.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Comparing Khador's Front Line Units

As awesome as 'jacks are in Warmachine, infantry is often more effective and cheaper points wise. The main line unit I've been using in my army is five Man-O-War Demo Corps. I bought them because their models are awesome and they're pretty easy to use - the biggest tactical decision I have to make is whether to boost the damage on their attack or get a second attack. Eventually though, I'd like to have a second unit I can use with different 'casters and I'm going to look at two possibilities here, the Iron Fang Pikemen and the Man-O-War Shocktroopers.

First, a straight stats comparison.

Speed: Iron Fangs are speedy at SPD 6 compared to the SPD 4 of the MoW.
Strength: The MoW units come out on top here with STR 9, three more than the Iron Fangs.
MAT: Pretty similar here, although the MOW edge out the Iron Fangs 7 to 6.
RAT: Mostly a non-issue since the Demo Corps and Iron Fangs don't have guns.
Defense: Iron Fangs are a little harder to hit at DEF 13 to the MoW's 11.
Armour: Here it gets interesting. Iron Fangs have 14, Demo Corps have 16, and Shocktroopers have 17.
Command: Everyone is even at CMD 9.
Damage: Iron Fangs are single box models and MoW are 8 boxes each.

Iron Fangs are faster and a bit of a softer touch, MoW are slower, stronger, and tougher.

Demo Corps - image from Privateer Press

Second, a look at weapons.

Iron Fangs: Their Blasting Pikes are P+S 13, have Reach, and Critical Knockdown.
Demo Corps: Ice Mauls have P+S 14, Reach, Backswing, and Ice Breaker.
Shock Troopers: Annihilator Blades also have Reach and are P+S 14.

Having Reach and a consistent P+S regardless of who I pick is pretty nice. Critical Knockdown is a plus and sets the Iron Fangs a little above the Shock Troopers, but I wouldn't base my strategy on getting it. Demo Corps come out on top here - the option to boost a damage roll for tough targets or get a second attack on squishy targets gives them great flexibility.

It's also good to remember that the Shock Troopers have a 6", POW 12 gun that they can use.

Shock Troopers - image from Privateer Press
Third, some abilities.

Iron Fangs: Shield Wall and Combined Melee Attack.
Demo Corps: Fearless.
Shock Troopers: Fearless, Shield Wall, and Combined Melee Attack.

Iron Fangs can make better use of CMA than the Shock Troopers due to the larger size of their unit. They also get a little more mileage out of Shield Wall because they're the faster unit. Shock Troopers, already the most durable of the three units, get even tougher behind their shields and can still sneak in an attack with their Shield Cannons. Demo Corps lose out here a bit but still walk away Fearless.

Iron Fangs - image from Privateer Press

Lastly, some final thoughts.

Iron Fangs seem to be the unit of choice if you need some pace. They hit the weakest, but not by much, and they have CMA to make up a little of that. Even with Shield Wall they're probably the most vulnerable with only a single health box. If you're looking for a quick unit with a good CMA and good durability for single wound models, these are your guys.

Demo Corps win out for raw power. Having the option of two attacks or Weapon Master on the one attack means they'll always have the right hammer for the job. I'd rank them in the middle in terms of the three for survivability, since the Shock Troopers have +1 ARM and Shield Wall. They're also in the middle for mobility because they'll never not run to keep up Shield Wall. If you're looking for straight up face beating, go with Demo Corps.

Shock Troopers win out in durability and lose on speed (assuming Shield Wall is up). They hit pretty hard, although not as much as the Iron Fangs with CMA (5 Shock Troopers guys can only do so much with their CMA) or Demo Corps. They're also the only choice with a ranged attack so they win the award for flexibility. If you're looking for a tough unit to take down that can hit pretty hard, take Shock Troopers.

Any other Khador Kommanders out there want to weigh in?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Playing More Warmachine

I got in two more games of Warmachine this weekend. This first was a 35 point game against Mercs. My list was:

Koldun Lord
5 Demo Corps
Kell Bailoch

I'm not very familiar with Mercs, so his list is from memory and may be incorrect.

+two gunners
Steelhead Halberdiers
the Piper
there was also another Driller marshaled to one of the solos but I don't know which one

On my right hand side, the Demo Corp, Widowmakers, and Kell worked through the Steelheads and a few Forgeguard. I lost four Demo Corp in that combat but they held my right side pretty well.

On the left, I ran my Manhunter down the flank and was able to engage a Gunner on the second turn by running into melee with it. My opponent put two focus on it to try to bash the Manhunter but it didn't work and the Manhunter would nearly kill it before getting hosed by a spray from Thor. Even though he didn't kill the 'jack I think his ability to distract around six points of models and cause those two FOC to be wasted was quite useful.

The Koldun and Destroyer hung out on the left / middle, Sorscha was in the center with the Kodiak, and the Greylords with just behind them. On my second turn I put three focus on the Kodiak and charged it into a Driller. The Kodiak took about half of it's boxes off before throwing it into Durgen.

just after the Kodiak threw the Driller

On his turn, my opponent charged the Forgeguard into the Kodiak and wrecked it. He made a mistake and left Durgen sitting at the top of the ring of Forgeguard and in my LOS. Sorscha moved up and feated, freezing the Forgeguard and Durgen, and the put a Hand Cannon shot and two Razor Winds into him. The Destroyer dropped a bombard and the remaining two Widowmakers hit him twice, leaving Durgen with two boxes left. The last Greylord walked in and used his spray to end the game as a win for me!

I should say that none of this would have happened if my opponent hadn't explained to me how to kill his 'caster, so I can't take full credit for the assasination but it was still exciting to get the win and see my army work.

What did I learn? Being aggressive with my models is a good thing. The Koldun Lord got to use his spray once to kill some Forgeguard and the Greylords weren't limited to putting Blizzards on things. Everyone got involved and it just added to the number of threats I had on the board. The Kodiak, Manhunter, and Kell were all productive for me and proved to be useful additions to the army.

The second game was a battle-box game because I was a little pressed for time. I played the same guy and he used the Gorten box. I asked him not to throw himself under the bus this game and he happily obliged.

In the first two turns he moved Gorten, the Driller, and one Gunner down the center and the other two Gunners down my right flank. I was able to catch the two Gunners in melee after putting Boundless Charge on the Destroyer but didn't kill either of them. I thought I was doing well after my second turn with Sorscha hiding behind the Juggernaut. The photo below is the end of my second turn and moments before I got smacked.

end of my turn 2

He moved Gorten off to the right a bit and feated. The Juggernaut and Sorscha were pulled forward six inches and suddenly, the Driller had a direct line to Sorscha. It got loaded up with Focus, charged into her, and she went down to a few boosted POW 21 Drill attacks.

What did I learn? If I get within 14 inches of Gorten I need to be very careful not to allow charge lanes to Sorscha. That limits my options a bit since he can stop my AOEs with a spell but hopefully I'll figure it out.

Sorry for the fuzzy photos, I was using my phone's camera.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sternguard WIP II

It's been a while, but I've finished these two. Sorry about the dark photo, I'm doing some experiments with my camera.

I'm pretty pleased with them overall and I'm really happy to see that my five months of painting random models actually had the effect I was looking for in improving my painting. Currently I'm working on their other three squad mates and then the five of them will get based together.

This past weekend I painted up a Warmachine model for a model exchange I'm participating in on Librarium Online but I'm going to hold off showing it until I know it's been received.

There are still a few more days to bid on the charity models from my previous post if you're interested!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Models for Charity

Librarium Online, a forum I'm active on, is raising money for the Red Cross by auctioning off six Warhammer Fantasy HQ models painted by members. There are some really nice models here, including one by FTW member The Grumpy Stunty.

Sigvald the Magnificent by Zentradi
Skink Hero by King Ulrik Flamebeard (The Grumpy Stunty)
Korhil by MrDee
Empire Captain by Jon Quixote
Khazrak the One Eye by Leech
Goblin Shaman by minus_t

Again, all proceeds are going to the Red Cross so if you see something you like please consider bidding.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My First Warmachine Game!

I took a trip down to the Hobby Bunker in Boston today to meet up with Press Ganger Paul and start playing Warmachine. He introduced me to three other regulars and after a bit of discussion about what to do, we decided to jump right in and played a two-team Mk2 game.

Paul and another fellow played Cryx and Mercs while myself and two other guys played a big, three person Khador team. Each of the Khador players had 35 points while the other two had three casters between them and a total of 105 points. I was a bit short on points so I borrowed a few models to fill out my list.

My List:
Koldun Lord
+ Destroyer
5 Man-o-War Demo Corps
Greylord Ternion
Winter Guard Mortar

Another Khador player had pVlad with Beast-09 and Behemoth and a huge Winterguard unit with the UA, several rocketeers, Kovnik Joe, and Widowmakers.

The last Khador player had pButcher with a Spriggan and two Kodiaks, a large Winterguard unit with UA, Kovnik Joe, and Widowmakers.

Against us was a Cryx army of pDenegrah, the Deathjack, 4 Bonejacks of some variety, 2 units of Bile Thralls, a unit of Mechanithralls, a unit of Bane Thralls, Tartarus, and two Pistol Wraiths. The Merc player was running a Magnus battlegroup with a ton of 'jacks and a Gorten battlegroup with fewer 'jacks and two units of dwarfs - one with hammers and one with shields and guns.

I was on one side of the table facing most of the Cryx, next to me was Vlad and his Winterguad facing the Deathjack, Bane Thralls, and Gorten, and on the other side was The Butcher and some more Winterguard across from most of the dwarfs and Magnus. Khador won the roll and chose to go first.

The first two turns were pretty uneventful. The Behemoth took apart the Deathjack, Widowmakers sniped some thralls, Denegrah arced Venom and killed some Widowmakers, and a unit of Bile Thralls exploded and killed two of my Man-O-War.

On the Khador third turn I used Sorscha's feat and froze a large chunk of the Cryx army. My Juggernaut trampled four Mechanithralls and then killed a bonejack, the remaining Demo Corps smashed Tartarus and another bonejack, and the Destroyer shot the remaining two Mechanithralls. I was feeling pretty good about it until Paul told me that he could probably kill Sorscha on his next turn.

Gorten cast Landslide and pulled me closer to Denegrah and then she feated, leaving a lot of my army debuffed. She then arced Venom through a bonejack and Gorten's 'jacks shot me a bunch. In the end I had two hit points left, but Sorscha was still alive!

After all the debuffs from Landslide and Denegrah's feat I couldn't do much of anything with my units, but Sorscha did cast Tempest on Gorten and Denegrah. Vlad was able to take advantage of that and killed both of them with his Winter Guard. On the other side of the table, Butcher took down Magnus with some more Winterguard - Khador wins!

What did I learn?
  • I have a lot more to learn about the game itself. I didn't see the assassination run being set up because I'm barely familiar with my models, let alone the other army's.
  • I understand the basic mechanics of the game but the details elude me - this will probably work itself out as I play more.
  • I don't know enough about the game to comment on my list, but the least effective unit I had were the Greylords. They managed to cast Blizzard once and then died.
What's next?
  • The guys invited me to come back next weekend so I plan to do that and get some more games in.
  • They also invited me to a tournament on December 5th. Apparently the Hordes Mk2 field test will be out by then so it is going to be the store's first Mk2 tournament.
  • I'd like to buy the models I need to flesh out a 35 point list. Upping the Demo-Corps to 5 men gets me to 30 points and I'm thinking about a few solos to finish that off.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ways I Might Use the Khador Battle Box

After my initial ramblings on Kommander Sorscha I started thinking about how I might want to use my army in the Mk1 games I have coming up this weekend. The Khador battle box has Sorscha, a Juggernaut, and a Destroyer.

The Juggernaut is the typical Khador 'jack. It moves slowly (SPD 4), hits hard (STR 12), is easy to hit (DEF 10), and can take a lot of punishment (ARM 20). It has an open fist for throws or locks but I probably won't be using those right away. Its Ice Axe hits with P+S 19 and has Critical Freeze.

This guy is useless unless he's hitting something. He seems like a model that will want a lot of focus to boost attack rolls and buy extra attacks. Boundless Charge might be useful if I really need those extra two inches, and things like Sorscha's feat, Freezing Grip, and Tempest will all be useful in maximizing his potential.

The Destroyer has the same profile as the Juggernaut with different weapons. The big axe is replaced with a slightly smaller Executioner Axe with a P+S 18 and Critical Amputation, which disables arms and weapons that are damaged and does extra damage to system boxes. It also has a ranged weapon in the Bombard which throws out 3" AOEs with POW 14.

This is more of a utility 'jack than the Juggernaut. It is just as happy in melee but also has the option to throw around big, heavy shots. I thought knocked down and stationary targets were hit automatically with ranged attacks as well, but I can't find that rule so I may be wrong. If that's the case then the ranged option isn't as powerful as I'd like but is still good to have.

Thoughts on the Army as Whole:
Turn one I think will be pretty standard - give each 'jack one focus to it can run, cast Fog of War, and walk Sorscha up with the 'jacks. I can't imagine she'll be in range, but the extra focus could be used on the Hand Cannon if the opportunity is there.

After that, my first priority is to protect Sorscha because if she dies the game's over. Wind Rush will help here and so will Fog of War.

The second priority is to get the Juggernaut into combat - the best defense is a good offense! Sorscha's spells will help get him there and make him more effective. The Destroyer can help mop up with the bombard or axe, or pick a new target to hold up / destroy.

After that I'm not really sure. Sorscha might be able to take apart a light 'jack or 'caster on her own but I'd wary of committing her to something I don't know she can win. The big guys can tie up threats in melee and make a mess of things that have been knocked down. I'll have to be on the lookout for an opportunity to use Sorscha's feat and keep Wind Rushing for the DEF bonus and to get in and out of tough spots.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thoughts on Kommander Sorscha

Even though I have a decent sized Khador army painted for Warmachine I don't actually know how to play. Spoony and I played one game a few years ago but neither of us really had any grasp on the rules and we were using appropriately sized 40k models as proxies.

I've been in touch with one of the Privateer Press Gangers and this weekend he's going to play a few games with me. It's been a while since I've read through the rules so I'll be doing that this week in addition to getting my models ready (gloss and matte varnish here we come!). What I'm most worried about though is knowing how and when to use my model's abilities, especially the warcaster. I'm going to do a little thinking out loud in this post while I try to figure out how to run Sorscha in Mk1.

Sorscha's feat makes all enemy models within her control area and in her LOS stationary for a turn. Stationary models drop to DEF 5 and can't activate on their turn. They are also automatically hit in melee. The obvious application here is to make a lot of enemy models stationary and then beat them up in melee. However, I think I could use this in a defensive manner as well, sort of like a reset button if things start to get out of control near my caster.

Sorscha's RAT of 5 isn't great, but there isn't any reason not to take a shot with her Hand Cannon if I'm not in melee. If I have two extra focus it looks like boosting to hit and boosting the damage will be more effective than casting Razor Wind.

Frostfang throws out P+S 13, which seems pretty strong. It also has Critical Freeze and Reach, so her threat range on a charge is 6" + 3" + 2" = 11" and with Wind Rush it jumps up to 17".

Boundless Charge lets a model charge at SPD +5 (instead of +3) and ignore rough terrain and obstacles. It can be cast on an enemy model. This is sometihng that could be cast early on to get my slower 'jacks moving quickly and then later to get them get the charge into combat. I'm sure there are ways to use it to get enemy models out of position but I'll probably need to play a bit more to find situations where that applies.

Fog of War puts an AOE over Sorscha's control area that grants concealment (+2 DEF to ranged and magical attacks). This seems like a great first turn spell to protect her and her 'jacks from ranged attacks while they walk up the board. It can be upkept to keep the protection going.

Freezing Grip lets Sorscha make a unit or model stationary for a turn. Just like her feat, this is a spell that will allow me to control the board and set up attacks or prevent someone from attacking me. At 4 focus it is expensive to cast.

Razor Wind is a RNG 10, POW 12 magical attack. If I really needed to shoot something I'd probably take the 2 focus and use them to boost my hand cannon instead of using this, unless I needed a magical attack.

Tempest is a 4" AOE with POW 12 that knocks down models. Knockdown is slightly less powerful than making something stationary (the models can stand up next turn by forefitting their movement or action) and it's limited to a 4" AOE, but now I'm also getting to damage the models. Also pricey at 4 focus.

Wind Rush is a once per turn spell that gives Sorscha an extra 6" of movement (that doesn't make her count as moving) and +4 DEF for 2 focus. This spell will be useful to get into melee, get out of trouble, or just general use for the DEF bonus.

Sorscha has a pretty diverse set of spells. Tempest and Freezing Grip allow me to control my opponents models and make them easier to hit. Razor Wind and Tempest are attack spells that let me damage the enemy. Wind Rish, Boundless Charge, and Fog of War provide buffs to my models to make them have better DEF, be harder to hit, and move faster.

However, having only 6 focus means that spell choice is going to be important. The two control spells each cost 4 focus, Boundless Charge and Fog of War are 3 each (although FoW will only be 1 focus after that for upkeep), and Wind Rush and Razor Wind are each 2. In my opinion, Razor Wind isn't terribly useful so most of my spells are 3 or 4 focus to cast. That's going to mean that I'll be able to cast one spell and give out focus to my 'jacks, or cast two spells and have almost no focus left over.

Again, these are more stream of conscious thoughts about Sorscha than a tactica on how to use her effectively. I've never played the game and I'm just hoping to have some idea of what to do in my games this weekend.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sternguard WIP I

I worked on my first two Sternguard a bit this weekend:

I tired a few new things with the blue and red to try and bring the level of contrast up a but. I shaded the red with a green wash and then worked the highlights up to orange, and worked my way up to Ice Blue on the armour. You can get a better look by clicking on the image.

I also played around a bit in Photoshop with the background - I think it worked pretty well.

Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to finish these guys. I've got a model in the mail that should be arriving this weekend that I'd really like to get started on.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October Summary

Painting for Points:
I've mostly exhausted my stock of Fantasy models this month by painting up two Wood Elf heroes and an Empire Captain. They're each one point so I've done 66 points for the year.

New Model Fund:
I bought the Space Wolves Codex this month for $26.56. Since I started October with $62.93, I'll finish with $36.67 and start November with $68.18.

A few posts ago I outlined my plans to dig back into my Crimson Fists. I've cleaned and based the first two Sternguard models and started basecoating their armour last night. I'm trying something a little different with them and so far I'm liking it - look for an update on them soon.

I've also tentatively set up a date to get a demo game of Warmachine from one of their Press Gangers next weekend so hopefully there will be some updates on that front as well.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Wood Elf Spellsinger

As far as I can tell, my Wood Elves are done! I've painted all of the cool looking Lord and Hero models and I have zero interest in doing any more units of anything.

This guy was fun for a while but he really started to drag out towards the end with all the details (especially the leaves all over his cloak!).

In pretty typical fashion I rushed him at the end to get him off my painting table but overall I'm pleased. His face (and the face on the spite, too) turned out well and, as annoying as they were, I think the leaves worked out as well.

As I said a few posts ago, now that the elves are done I'm going back to my Crimson Fists. I'm going to get a few of the Sternguard done first and then decided if I want to do more of them, the Dread, or the Assault marines. Here are the first two up:

Friday, October 30, 2009

My Must Have Unit

Ron from FTW has been asking around about people's must have units. It wasn't a very difficult choice for me and I responded back with a unit of 10 Sternguard in a Drop Pod with 3 combi-meltas, heavy flamer, and power fist.

image from GW

Why is this very expensive, very fragile, very shooty unit of death my must have?
  1. Making big, scary armoured threats disappear on turn one before they can hurt me. Three close range melta gun shots to the rear or side armour makes any tank go boom.
  2. I can combat squad these guys into a melta squad and heavy flamer squad, meaning I can pop a transport with the melta and then hose down the squishy soldiers inside or assault them with a power fist.
  3. After the initial strike (ideally on something expensive and / or valuable to my opponent) he has the option to ignore the 10 marines with special issue ammo, a power fist, and heavy flamer hanging out on his back line or he can waste a turn of shooting trying to get rid of them. If he goes for option A, I get another round of shooting or assault with the Sternguard for free. If he takes option B, I get another round of movement and shooting with the rest of my army for free. Sounds good to me.
  4. Psychology. My first strike hits something important before it ever gets to do anything and then my opponent has to deal with a very dangerous unit in his back line. Those are big changes to his plans very early on that will hopefully throw him off his game.
  5. How awesome are the Sternguard models!
There are a few things that aren't so hot about the unit.
  1. They die like normal marines and are unsupported. A single squad of marines will very rarely last a round of shooting from an entire army. Their job is sort of suicide attack squad, but it would be nice to get to use them in the late game too.
  2. They're expensive. When it's all said and done, the squad costs about 33 points per marine. Those are a lot of point to lose on the first turn. Hopefully they're making them back between the first strike and their worth as a distraction.
  3. They're suddenly less useful if your opponent reserves everything. Being the only Drop Pod in my army this squad is guaranteed to come down first turn. If there isn't anything worth striking at they're suddenly a very expensive, short ranged unit that is walking across the board.
In one of my few games this year, this squad (only 5 men strong and with 2 combi-meltas) popped a Land Raider on the first turn. They died horribly next turn, but the loss of the Land Raider and the free turn of moment put me in a great position to win the game (I didn't win, but the Sternguard can hardly be blamed for that).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting Back on Track with the Crimson Fists

I've been trying to save some money by working my way through the pile of models sitting on my shelf. For a while I've just been bouncing around - Imperial Guard, random Space Marines, Empire, Wood Elves, and Crimson Fists. I've had fun painting a bunch of different things and I think I've learned a bit about painting but I'm starting to miss working on an army. I can fix that and still avoid buying new models by finishing my originally planned second wave of Crimson Fists.

A few months ago I finished my first 1000 points as part of a Tale of Painters on Librarium Online. It included a Jump Captain, 5 Terminators, two 10 man Tactical Squads in Rhinos, and 6 Assault marines.

1000 points

The plan was to finish a second wave of stuff for Games Day but I started to get bored painting blue power armour and eventually stopped. Over the past few months I've finished a Drop Pod, 5 Scouts, and a Venerable Dread (wave 1.5?).

300ish points

I'd like to get back on track with the Fists, finish off the second wave, and take a good chunk of models off my undone shelf. My goal is to finish off the other 4 Assault marines (for a full squad of 10), a squad of 10 Sternguard, and another Dreadnought. I'm missing a pair of running legs and a jump pack but I think that's a fair trade for moving 14 infantry models and a walker from unpainted to painted.

500ish points

I'm just about done with my Wood Elf Spellsinger (look for some photos soon) and once he's finished it will be back to painting blue!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Thoughts on the Space Wolves Codex

image from Games Workshop

I'm not much of a gamer (I'm lucky if I can play a half dozen games in a year) so I won't be saying much about the the effectiveness of the codex from a gaming standpoint. This is more of a review of the codex as a whole - the models, the stories, the history, and the unit descriptions.

What I liked:
The new kits look to be pretty great. For once I'm not at all interested in the character models but the power armour box and the Wolf Guard box look great. There are tons of bits in each one and they can either be used alone or combined with vanilla marine kits to do double duty.

Games Workshop look to have gone the extra mile in crafting a list that is true to the fluff. The option for up to four HQ units, Lone Wolves, sagas, and the restrictions on characters taking identical wargear really emphasizes the heroic nature of the chapter.

Blood Claws are are actually reckless unless reigned in, hit like a ton of bricks, and can be in packs of up to 15 models ('cause none of them have died yet). Grey Hunters can take two special weapons and no heavies and max out at 10. Long Fangs max out at six models and are smart enough to divide their fire. This matches the fluff exactly as it is presented at the beginning of the codex and means that someone like me doesn't have to feel like I'm forcing the list to build like I imagine it should be.

The Warriors of the Fang section was well written and helped to make up for the otherwise lacking fluff sections of the book (see below). I find that Games Workshop usually does these sections well but this one in particular was very good.

Page 80 is dedicated to the different squad and Great Company markings that Space Wolves use. I can spend hours looking at stuff like this and use it when I'm trying to paint my models.

What I didn't like:
My major complaint with this codex is the fluff itself. A lot of it feels poorly written and sophomoric - yes, they're space vikings, but they're not goofy. I really got this impression when reading the War in the Sea of Stars section. None of the stories seemed particularly grand or exciting, and a lot of them painted the Space Wolves in a childish, petulant light.

The one time they do talk about the exploits of the Space Wolves at any length is well done, but it only happens once. The sections about Fenris, the chapter's history, and the Great Companies were also good but just not enough. The Space Marine Codex was full of long and short stories detailing many encounters and battles the Ultramarines were involved in, and in sufficient quantity that I felt I had a good grasp on the chapter. The Space Wolves Codex had just enough to get me interested and then it was over.

My only other complaint is that I wanted more photos of models in the A Company of Wolves section. Again, comparing it to the Space Marines Codex, I just didn't think it had the same breadth and depth. There are so many conversion opportunities and chances to showcase the versatility of the new kits that I wanted more. They've been putting a ton of good stuff on the What's New Today blog - why not include this in the codex?

In Conclusion:
Overall I found the codex to be good for what it was, but lacking the amount of depth I wanted.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cool Video Tutorials

I don't know if anyone spends much time on but he produces some very cool video tutorials on painting. Two in particular have really caught my eye as things I'd like to try. Again, these are NOT my tutorials.

The first one is a tutorial on mixing up large batches of your own washes:

The second one is about how to wet blend:

I really recommend checking out the rest of his site, watching the other videos, and subscribing to his youtube channel. He's currently in the process of doing how to videos for a ton of Space Marine chapters.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finished Alter Noble

I didn't have much left to do but it's been a busy week so I've just gotten around to finishing this guy off. I wanted to stay away from painting anything as metal since an Alter Noble is supposed to be very much of the forest. The sword is supposed to be wooden but I don't know how well it came out.

I was a bit more successful doing the runes, which transition from a dark green near the hilt to yellow at the end. It's a bit easier to see on the detail shot below.

I have one more Wood Elf model left (a Spellsinger) and then I think I'm going to paint Crimson Fists for a while. I'm also most of the way through the Space Wolves Codex and I have a few thoughts on that.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alter Noble WIP

I am back from vacation! The city of Chicago was great, the marathon was a huge success, and my vacation was relaxing. I took yesterday off work to recover from the race and travel and took the opportunity to get stuck in on my next project, a Wood Elf Alter Noble.

Sorry for the horrible picture, he's pretty washed out. His face was promising when I started but ended up being a bit of a let down. Otherwise I'm quite pleased with him. I had forgotten how much I enjoy working with this color pallet and my familiarity with it made the painting go by quickly.

I'm thinking some kind of blond color for the hair since his armour is so dark, although I'll have to see when some more of the details are done (I'll probably do the hair close to the end). I'd like to do something cool on the sword since it's such a focal point but I'm not sure what yet. My current thought is to make the blade look like wood and then do the runes in bright greens and yellows, but I'm not sure I can pull off wood grain on such a thin piece of metal.

I'm also hoping to pick up the Space Wolves Codex today at lunch so look for some thoughts on that soon.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Empire Captain Done and Vacation!

After several people on Librarium Online suggested doing a purple cape with yellow trim I went for it. I'm quite pleased with the result.

I decided to paint the shield up as wooden and tried to get some wood grain - this wasn't as successful as the cape but it still turned out well.

The model itself is phenomenal. It has a ton of character from the pose and facial expression and the level of detail is just right - enough to be fun and challenging but stopping short of being tedious.

The face especially was great to paint. The sculpt had many facial ridges and valleys that held on to my washes and made it very obvious where to highlight. Although the photo doesn't show it I think this is probably the best face I've ever painted.

Up next is going to be the last two models on my shelf for my Wood Elves. After finishing that army 13 months ago I needed a break but I've recently had a desire to break out my greens and browns again.

First however, I'm going on vacation! Tuesday afternoon I leave to run the Chicago Marathon and enjoy a week's vacation! I'll be checking blogs and leaving comments but won't have anything new to add here. Spoony has promised to update in my absence.

See you all in a week and a half!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Empire Captain WIP

I've been working on this guy a few minutes at a time for the past few weeks. I wasn't very happy with him initially but the more I do the more I like him. However, I've come to a problem and I need some help.

His major colors are the purple, yellow, and armour and I have to paint his shield and cape. I don't think any of those colors would make a good cape or shield (maybe a the armour color would be good on the shield but there is so much metal already) but I can't come up with any other colors to pair with them. Take a look:

I considered a gray cloak (but that's pretty similar to the armour) and a wooden shield but I'm just not liking any of my ideas. So, does anyone have any thoughts?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September Summary

I had a very strong start to this month and then life became distracting. Between soccer games, Red Sox games, marathon training, trying to finish the Wheel of Time books, and visiting friends I suddenly had almost no hobby time at all! I have been sneaking a few minutes here and there on my last Empire model but he isn't far enough along to be worth showing.

Painting for Points
I finished the fifth and final Greatsword and a Venerable Dread this month. Those 6 points get me to 63 points on the year.

New Model Fund
I started with $69.03 in the fund for September. I bought the Retribution of Scyrah faction book for Warmachine and issue 26 of No Quarter (Privateer Press's quarterly magazine) for $43.17 total. That left me with $25.86 in the fund, so I have $62.93 for the month of October. If I had to guess, I would expect that it will be spent on Warmachine models.

In other news, I've started to make efforts to find some people to play games with. With the recent release of the new faction for Warmachine and the early publishing of the Mark II rule set I've become very excited about Warmachine again. After doing some clicking around I found a store sort of near me that is holding a big Warmachine tournament soon. I contacted the store to see if there were regular Warmachine players there and a woman who works there said she'd see if she could put me in contact with some of them.

More on that as it develops, but I'm pretty excited that I might be able to find some regular opponents.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finished Venerable Dreadnought

A nice lazy weekend has resulted in my Dread getting finished.

I gave sponge weathering a try after putting it off for a while (I could never bring myself to try something new like that one a model that was already done!). I tried using grays and browns as the chipping color but neither gave good contrast on the blue.

I settled on Boltgun Metal for my chips and after a bit of practice on some paper I went to town on the Dread. I'm not really thrilled with how the sponge applied the paint to the model. I was imagining the shapes being more variable in size but most of them are the same, tiny, size.

Overall though, I'm really pleased with the model. I'm glad I only put the red on the missile launcher and didn't put any on the las cannons - I think it would have looked gaudy on both sides. I'm also glad I tried the sponge weathering, even if it didn't turn out as well as I wanted.

my favorite little detail is the mechanicus symbol on the engine

Has anyone had any success with sponge weathering? I've read a few tutorials that say "take some blister sponge, dip it in paint, and apply to the model," which is what I did but I didn't get the same results. I'd love to hear any tips or thoughts that anyone has to share.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Venerable Dread Body Complete

A little more work done today and the body of my Dread is finished. I was a little worried that I had gone overboard with the purity seals but I like how they turned out.

I've had a pretty crazy week so I'm looking forward to a low key weekend and hopefully getting the arms done.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Venerable Dread WIP

I'm a bit surprised at home much I'm enjoying this model. The metals are done (at least until the detail phase when I'm sure I'll find some more) and I just finished the blue. There really isn't much left to this guy, just the details you can see on the front and the mechanicus symbol on the back.

click for a larger image

I have his arms primed but I haven't done anything to them yet - they'll get the same treatment as the body. He's going to be armed with a missile launcher and TL las cannon and I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate the red fist motif onto these weapons.

The missile launcher is pretty easy (I'll do the front housing thing in red) but I'm not so sure about the las cannons. I don't think the barrels would look good in red but if I do the main shoulder part in red it will look strange since the missile launcher won't have that. Anyone have any thoughts?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finished Greatswords!

All five are done!

These guys were fun to paint and eventually I think I'll add a box of the new plastic ones. For now though, I'm glad they're done and I'm going to move on to another project.

Imperial Painting Table has been working on a nice looking Imperial Fists dread and after this fellow was so successful for me in my last two games I've decided to paint up a Venerable Dread for my Crimson Fists. He'll get primed tonight and the painting will begin.