Friday, December 31, 2010

Templecon 2011 - Blood, Sweat, and Tiers List 2

The first list had a low model count and was geared for assassination, so I wanted my second list to have the bodies to hold control points while still offering a valid assassination threat. I had fun using Grim lately so I went for a tier 4 Grim list.

- Dire Troll Bomber
- Troll Impaler
- Swamp Troll
10 Burrowers
Dannon Blythe and Bull
Alten Ashley

Grim's feat offers a lot of control with its -3 SPD debuff. Combined with the nerves that Burrowers give people and my ability to Advance Deploy every unit in the army I should be able to create favorable deployment match ups to get me good positioning to take control points.

I imagine my Burrowers popping up near a control point with Grim coming up behind them and popping his feat. The Burrowers benefit from the -3 DEF and clobber something while also setting themselves up to block incoming units. One unit of Scouts move in to each control point to claim the one screened by the Burrowers and to contest or possibly claim the other one. The SPD debuff should do a good job protecting the control point I claimed, hopefully allowing me to score a point on my opponent's turn as well.

The list has a good assassination option as well. Between Marked for Death and his feat, Grim can give the enemy 'caster -5 DEF. A shot from Grim, a shot from Alten, and two boosted shots from the Bomber present a serious threat to any 'caster.

I'm not sure how Blythe and Bull will perform. They're required for tier 2 and have excellent models though, so I'm happy to give them a run.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Templecon 2011 - Blood, Sweat, and Tiers List 1

Blood, Sweat, and Tiers is a two list, 35 point Steamroller tournament that requires all lists to be at least tier 1. I decided to really get into the spirit and only bring lists that were tier 3 or higher. Here's the first of my two lists, a tier 3 epic Doomshaper list.

-Dire Troll Mauler
-Earthborn Dire Troll
5 Champions

This list is very assassination oriented and is looking to send a souped up Earthborn right into the enemy caster's face. In an ideal world the Earthborn will start his activation near some rough terrain (+2 SPD), under Doomie's feat (+3 SPD), with Wild Aggression (boosted attack rolls and free charge), and Rage (+4 STR). He is a Fury 5 beast so even if that 13" charge isn't enough to get there I can goad him once or twice to get into range.

Most everything else is geared towards making that happen. The Runebearer is there to cast Wild Aggression on the the Earthborn (it should be on the Mauler up until then as he leads the charge) and take a little Fury load off Doomshaper. The 10 Whelps are there more to block charge lanes and be a nuisance than anything else, although one or two might be eaten as a snack.

The Champions are mostly babysitters for Doomie but may also find themselves pressed into second wave duty if the initial charge doesn't pan out. I'm not positive what the Scouts will be doing yet (I've never used them) but I'm hoping they can hold a flank to protect Doomshaper and either attract a lot of attention or herd the enemy 'caster to the other side of the map.

I'm hoping that the Mauler can lead the way for the Earthborn by taking a lot of fire and trashing or throwing any pesky models blocking charge lanes out of the way.

The list will probably need to be played very aggressively and I'll need to keep an eye out for charge lanes - two things I'm terrible at. Hopefully forcing myself to use this list will get me better able to do those two things.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Templecon 2011 - Death Race List

Templecon is about one month away and I've started my preparations. I am registered for both Midnight Madness tournaments and I'm going to talk about the second tournament in this post - Death Race.

Death Race is a single list, 25 point, 4 round tournament using only the Killbox scenario. I'm not positive on the specific format but it seems pretty clear that the goal is to kill your opponent's caster as quickly as possible. Here's the list I've come up with:

10 Kayazy + UA
Widowmaker Marksman
Kell Bailoch

I tired to keep the model count low so there wouldn't be too much stuff to activate on my turn.

What I'm primarily looking to do is run the Kayazy forward for two turns while they have Iron Flesh on them. They should meet up with my opponent's stuff on turn two. On turn 3 I'll drop Iron Flesh, pop Butcher's feat and the Kayazy mini-feat, and kill the enemy 'caster. Because of the requirement that 'casters be 12" from all table edges I shouldn't have any trouble cornering the enemy.

8" deployment, 12" first turn run, 10" second run, 9" charge = 39" over 3 turns. The enemy 'caster can be a max of 36" away from my back edge by then so I like my odds. If they Kayazy can't reach the 'caster on turn 3 they'll just attack whatever is in their way with the Kodiaks and snipers - under Butcher's feat and Full Throttle there isn't much that will stand up to all of that.

I brought the two snipers to help clear out charge lanes over for the Kayazy - they both have Snipe, Kell has a magical gun, and the Marksman has a POW 12 gun so they can handle a variety of threats.

Kodiaks are great little 'jacks. They run for free and have Pathfinder so they're focus light and efficient. They also have a great *attack for clearing infantry and their chain attack really shines under Full Throttle. They'll be dealing with 'jacks for me, either by destroying them outright or throwing them around.

If they Kayazy fail as my primary assassins my plan is to follow up with the two Kodiaks to clean out infantry and 'jacks and then have the Butcher kill the 'caster himself.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Cheer

For the past two years I've participated in a holiday model exchange on Librium Online. Last year I sent out a Journeyman Warcaster and received a cool Crimson Fists Terminator. This year I went with something a little more festive.

I resisted the urge to add some white freehand to the red cloak and put snow on the base - the model currently has plausible Christmas deniability but those touches would have made it 100% a Christmas model.

This little guy was a lot of fun to paint. He is my first Ork ever and the first model I've painted in a few months that I put any real amount of effort into. I hope he's off to a good home, and I hope everyone out in the blog-o-sphere has a very merry holiday season!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Escalation Tournament Report

This past weekend was the last tournament of 2010 at my LGS and it was at 25, 35, 50 point escalation tournament. I brought eMadrak and built a list around Burrowers, Kriel Warriors, and Champions with a Mauler, Axer, solo support, and a Blitzer at 50 points.

I played very poorly. In all three games I made questionable decisions about where or when to pop my Burrowers up. They were always effective, but not as effective as I needed them to be - they'd die on my second turn without having done enough damage to be worth it. I did learn a lot about how to work with them but I'm going to need some more practice with them.

Madrak is also a little tricky to use properly. I didn't get very good use out of his feat or his axe, so I'll need a few more games with him as well.

this is what two 50 point armies look like

Game 1 was against a tier 3 eButcher list running 3 units of Doom Reavers. He had first turn and my plan was to use the Borrowers + Madrak's feat to nuke 2 units of Doom Reavers on my second turn, then see what happened. He put Butcher in the middle of the board camping 3 focus on his second turn so I went for broke, surrounded him with 8 Burrowers, and went for broke. His Wardog put him at DEF 16, and with the Fellcaller my Burrowers were MAT 6. I forgot to kill the dog first so 24 attacks later I had 2 hits and zero damage. Game over.

Game 2 was a pVlad list running Beast 09, the Behemoth, and a Winterguard Deathstar. I thought I could get both 'jacks with the Burrowers and did manage to get 4 on Beast and 3 on the Behemoth. Poor planning on my part meant that the 4 on Beast didn't get the 3" charge bonus - they were able to take out 2/3 of his boxes. The 3 on the Behemoth did some damage but not enough for it to matter. His Deathstar rocked my infantry next turn and I failed on a bad assassination attempt on my third turn. Game over.

I didn't actually get to finish the 3rd game at 50 points. It was against a Terminus list running heavy infantry (Bane Knights, Bane Thralls, Mechani-thralls) and the Deathjack. Despite bad Burrower and Champion usage I was doing pretty well when we had to stop. One of the biggest problems I had here was that at 50 points I had nearly 20 medium bases, 15 small bases, and two heavy beasts clogging up my half of the board. You can see turn 2 above.

I'm not thrilled with how I played but I did enjoy the tournament and got to play some fun games. Now I'm off to visit my folks for a few days and when I come back it is time for Templecon prep!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend Tournament Report

This past weekend I took a trip to a different LGS to play in a 25 point tournament. I brought along the Grim list I took out last weekend.

My first game was against a new Circle player running Baldur, a Druid Wilder, and a bunch of beasts. He ran them forward in waves and I was able to pick them off pretty easily with my ranged stuff. I didn't kill Baldur but eventually won on tie breaker because most of my army was alive and most of his wasn't.

The second game was against a tier 3 Kraye list that was more maneuverable and shootier than my list. Since those were my list's strong points I was in some trouble. Due to some early bad rolling on my opponent's part I was able to keep him off his control point early but eventually he wore me down and took the scenario win.

My last game was against a Gorten list. My list was built to counter this list but I played very passively and poorly while my opponent played well. The game ended in a tie (I kept him off his flag but wasn't aggressive enough in taking my own) but he would have won had we not run out of time.

All in all I don't think I played well during this tournament. I was too passive - I didn't scoring a single control point and didn't making a single charge over three games. I also think the list is lacking in high POW attacks, instead relying on volume of medium POW attacks. If I were to build this list again I would probably swap out the Bushwhackers for some Burrowers.

This weekend is an escalation tournament. I'm thinking about bringing eMadrak but haven't thought much about the lists I'd bring.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Pyg Bushwhackers

These little guys were very useful in one of my practice games last weekend killing infantry (the other game was over before they got to shoot) and I'm hoping for similar results this weekend.

I've had a hugely busy week and initially wasn't going to paint the unit for my tournament, but I made a last minute decision to try and get them done. I had to cut a lot of corners (a lot more than usual for the Trolls) so they didn't turn out as well as the Burrowers.

I'll have a tournament report next week!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

25 Point Tournament Practice

This coming weekend I am playing in a 25 point tournament so this past weekend I brought a 25 point Grim list to practice with. Here's what I had:

Grim Angus
+Dire Troll Blizter
+Troll Axer
+Troll Impaler
10 Pyg Bushwhackers
Fell Caller

I got in two games, one against Circle and one against Khador.

The Circle list had Kromac, a Warpwolf Stalker, a unit of Woldstalkers, and some more stuff that I don't remember. We were playing Killbox and I seriously underestimated the threat range on the Warpwolf while Kromac had Warpath up. The wolf got a charge on Grim in turn 2 and, with Wild Aggression giving it boosted hit rolls, cracked Grim's DEF 16.

Khador was an eVlad list with some Kayazy + UA, Doom Reavers +UA , 2 Manhuneters, and a Berserker. I was able to pick off most of the infantry by turn 2 and was in a great position hiding behind Grim's feat. I again underestimated some threat ranges and he managed to get a few Kayazy under Vlad's feat into combat with Grim. Between Transference and Hand of Fate they too were able to crack DEF 16 and put Grim down.

I did lost both games but I'm still feeling good about the list. Both times I was feeling comfortable and didn't have models between Grim and the enemy - clearly I'll need to be more careful. The Bushwhackers are a fun unit to use and are very versatile, as is Grim's battlegroup. I'm furiously painting Bushwhackers this week to hopefully get them done for the tournament.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grim Angus

I have a few games with Grissel under my belt so I'm going to try a new warlock, Grim Angus. He's the first ranged focused warlock or 'caster I've used. Here's a little rundown on him.


Grim is speedy for a Troll at SPD 6, has a good RAT of 7, and is tough to hit with DEF 16. His STR and MAT are decent but I'm hoping they won't see much use, and he has pretty typical Troll armour at 15. He is a Fury 6 warlock.


Pathfinder and True Sight mean Grim's movement and shooting aren't affected a whole lot by terrain. Grim is Tough because he's a Troll. He also has Take Down on his melee weapon but again, I'm hoping to not have that come up.


Headhunter is a RNG 13, POW 13 gun that is Magical and can give beasts a speed boost if they charge a model damaged by it. 13" is longer than Grim's control range, so there shouldn't be too many questions about what he can be shooting at. With Farstrike pumping that up to 17" there isn't much on the table Grim won't be able to reach.

Grim also has an 8" Snare Gun (12" with Farstrike) that knocks down whatever it hits. He can't shoot with his other gun after that, but Knock Down is pretty powerful.

Headhunter has a blade on the back end that is POW 12 with Take Down so Grim isn't a melee slouch by any means, but I'd rather he was shooting stuff.


Spread The Net is a very good feat. It gives all enemy models in Grim's control area -3 DEF and any models beginning their activations in his control area have -3 SPD. Models with the SPD debuff won't be able to charge but the DEF debuff means that they're probably going to be dead before it matters.

I can see this feat being great for a lot of things, but I see it shining in scenario play with control zones. On my turn the feat will allow me to kill anything in the control zone and get one point. On my opponent's turn the -3 SPD will mean they can't get any new models in to contest and I'll get a second point.


Cross Country - An upkeep spell that gives a model / unit Pathfinder and Hunter, essentially allowing it to ignore terrain for moving and attacking.

Lock the Target - A 10" spell that prevents the target from running, charging, or being placed if it takes damage. The POW is only 10 so this spell is going to be hard to pull off on heavy 'jacks or beasts. This is a tough sell for 2 Fury but I'm sure there are good uses.

Marked for Death - Another upkeep spell that gives the target model / unit -2 DEF and removes Incorporeal and Stealth. Combined with Grim's feat this will bring a model / unit to a total of -5 DEF

Return Fire - For 1 Fury, if a target friendly model is shot at, it can shoot (or hit) back. Probably pretty cool on a Bomber or Grim, either as a good way to get an extra attack or as a deterrent for my opponent to shoot.

Final Thoughts

I'm going to try using some Pyg Burrowers and Bushwhackers with Grim, as well as the Blitzer I just painted. I'd also really like to try a Bomber and some Scouts, but I'm going to need to wait until at least January before I buy them.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Summary

This was a great month for me hobby wise. I managed to get to the store three times and play a lot of games with my Grissel list. I didn't win many of them, but it was fun to put some models on the table after not being able to for a while.

New Model Fund
I decided not to buy any new models for the rest of the year. I have a bunch of Trolls still to paint, a few more Khador models left over, plus some Malifaux and Cygnar models on my shelf. I will have to buy a single model for the Secret Santa model exchange on Librarium Online next month.

I started November with $50.66 and bought a foam tray for my model bag that cost 10 bucks. I an effort to save money I'm not going to keep any of the extra, so I'll have $50 for December.

Painting for Points
November was a great month for me painting wise. I managed to get 24 points painted between three Long Riders, Horthol, 10 Burrowers, and a Dire Troll Blitzer. I'm now up over 100 points for the year (104 total) and I'm hoping to get another big batch of Trolls done this month.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dire Troll Blitzer

I was feeling really good after finishing the Burrowers so I started on this guy right away. Apparently I was pretty burned out though, and he just kind of sat on my desk in various stages of progress.

I'm going to visit my parents for Thanksgiving after work today so last night I sat down and put in a good shift of painting to finish this model. I don't like leaving things unfinished if I can help it so the holiday was good motivation for me.

He didn't turn out as well as the other two heavies I've done but I'm happy he's finished and I'm interested to use him in a Grim list. I've never used a model with Virtuoso before and I think it will be fun hit something a few times with the Blitzer's claws and then shoot it in the face.

I have two train rides ahead of me and I'm going to give a good second read to my Trolls book.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


This past weekend I played a game with our local Press Ganger using his new Gator army with Bloody Barnabas. The table was terrain heavy with a big swamp in the middle (we figured, why not go all out for the first game) and I got demolished.

In the photo you can see two circles (one labeled smoke, the other is light blue) that were swamps Barnabas gets to place at the beginning of the game. The two giant templates near the top of the photo are Swamp Pits - a 2 fury spell Barnabas can cast. All of that, combined with the heavy terrain, was a huge problem for my list. I had zero models with Pathfinder in the army and Barnabas was able to get me stuck in difficult terrain for the entire game.

so many swamps

I sent most of my army up the middle of the board and the Long Riders along my right flank. The Gators were spread pretty evenly across the board, so I used Hoof It and the Long Riders' SPD 7 to shift everything to my right side, hoping to isolate half of his army. I think it was a good plan, and I know my opponent was nervous about it, but between his models being Amphibious (stupid me agreeing to put a big swamp in the middle of the board) and Barnabas throwing Swamp Pits and his feat around, it didn't matter.

He had some Iron Fleshed gators tarpit my tarpit, Swamp Pits and a Wrasler slow down and eat my Long Riders, and just generally ground my army into the ground.

Even though I lost, the game was one of the more fun ones I've played recently. I knew I was losing the middle (and most of my army) but I thought I could pull of a sneaky assassination with the Long Riders running around back of his army. It might have worked but the middle collapsed a little too early and Barnabas was able to move some of his army to stop my plan.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pyg Burrowers and Their Uses

Normally infantry units make my soul sad, but these little guys painted up in no time and I had a lot of fun with them. I even did the whole unit in one go instead of breaking them up 5 and 5. The yellow doesn't have as much depth as I'd like but I'm worried that another wash will be too dark. I may just leave them as is and move on to other models - these guys just tipped the Trolls over into 50% painted.

The internet is all up in arms about these guys. A lot of people think they're incredibly powerful and undercosted - there are a number of very long threads on the PP boards about them and how best to use them.

Here's the gist of what they can do:

They deploy 16" forward with Advance Deploy. Turn 1 they burrow and move 5" forward. Turn 2 they pop up (after being totally immune to any attacks) and are sitting at 26" forward, over half way across the board. They can charge 9", meaning they have a threat range of 35". Your enemy deployment zone is 38" away from your board edge, so these guys can realistically attack anything that moved more than 3" out of the enemy deployment zone on turn 2.

Not only that, but with a Fell Caller on hand to give them a MAT buff, each Burrower can attack with a boosted POW 8 and an unboosted POW 14 at MAT 6. Assuming average rolls those turn into POW 18 and POW 21 respectively. That's a ton of high POW attacks at a reasonable MAT that can't be attacked before they get the charge off. Oh, and they're only 6 points.

I tend to take the internet with a grain of salt (although I didn't see any ridiculous claims being made) but this past weekend at the tournament a player I have a lot of respect for gave them a try and came away very impressed. Once they're painted I'll take them for a spin and see if I can't make the little unit of doom work for me.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Breast Cancer Brawl Tournament Report

After weeks of painting Trolls to get ready for this tournament I headed down to my LGS this past weekend for some games. I brought my 35 point Grissel list. The tournament was a fund raiser for a local breast cancer charity so we could buy tickets for re-rolls and tournament specific shenanigans.

My first game was against a newer player who had a fantastically converted Cryx army. He was running pAsphyxious, a bunch of Satyxis Raiders and solos, full Soul Hunters and Darragh Wrathe, and some other things.

We traded Kriel Warriors for Radiers in the middle of the map while trying to control two control points. I was about 60 seconds away from claiming the only control point of the game when dice down was called, and he won on the 4th tie-breaker because he had more models in his control zone.

Sort of a heart breaking way to lose the first game of the day but it was a fun game and I should have been more aggressive.

Horthol (cavalry rider on the left) about to take the control point at the end of the hill

Game 2 was against a Cygnar player running Siege, Stormblades, Gun Mages, the Black 13th, a Defender, Stormclad, and Squire.

I used Hoof It to get my Kriel Warriors 17" forward on the second turn into the face of his Gun Mages on my left side. They were able to tie down that side AND score a control point before dying, and my Long Riders were able to get another one on the right side to send me up 2-0 (game to 3).

He killed the Kriels, picked up a point on that side, and by the end of the turn I was left with only Grissel and a Pyre Troll. There was no way to kill Siege and I'd be dead if he got another turn so I knew I had to pick up the third control point. The board looked like the photo below without the Bouncer and cavalry - my Pyre and his Squire and Stormclad were all contesting the control point at the beginning of my turn.

Since Grissel and the Pyre wouldn't be able to scrap the Stormclad my only option was to slam it out of the control zone. Because my Pyre was a medium base I needed to roll a 5 or 6 to get the required 3 inches - after a lot of tickets spent on re-rolls I got what I needed and slammed the 'jack into the water! Grissel mopped up the Squire and I picked up my 3rd control point for the win.

situation not looking good

The third game was against an infantry heavy eGoreshade list. There were two units of Bane Thralls, a unit of Bane Knights, Tartarus, and some arc nodes. I wasn't prepared to deal with this list at all, and since the scenario was Kill Box I had to run forward. My army got picked apart pretty easily and I conceded after a few turns when my army was gone.

so many Banes

All in all is was a great time and between all of the players, LGS owners, and some other generous people we raised 700 dollars for breast cancer research. I didn't play as well as I would have liked but it is hard to feel bad about a tournament where you can do something good like that.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Horthol, Long Rider Champion

It was close, but I managed to get my entire 35 point army completed in time for this past weekend's Breast Cancer Brawl. Horthol and his dismount were the last two models I needed to finish.

He was a lot more fun to paint than the unit of Long Riders were, and I managed to do most of the painting on both models in a single evening.

I'm still getting the hang of cavalry and all of their tricks, so hopefully he'll perform better for me in the future.

Expect a full tournament report on Thursday or Friday.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Long Riders

These guys weren't as much fun as the single models I've been doing recently, but didn't break my spirit nearly as much as the Kriel Warriors did.

I remember having some trouble with Wood Elf cavalry as well a few years ago. Something about having to paint a model, and then a horse for it to ride on, starts to drag after a while. It was a lot of fun to drybursh the ox's shaggy manes though.

They're done though, and I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. Only two more models left to finish the army, and I've got until tonight to get it all done.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Deadly Duos Non-Tournament Report

Only four players showed up to the tournament this weekend (including the Press Ganger and one late player) so we scrapped it and just played some games under the strange format.

I played a game against a Cygnar player running this list:



end of turn 2, not much happening yet

As expected, this was a weird game. He was able to really stall my advance for two turns, first with Haley's feat and then Stryker's feat. During those two turns Thorn and the Lancer were able to remove the cortex from both of my Juggernauts, the Defenders were able to nearly put down one of my Kodiaks, Rowdy took out the other Kodiak, and some good Telekinesis and Earthquake play caused my Spriggan to be knocked down in the lake. Not good.

I was able to make a late game rally with the Butcher and the Juggernauts, killing the Defender and Rowdy on my left hand side with Butcher and the Lancer and Thorn with the Juggernauts. However, I made a poor choice with Butcher when I charged Rowdy (should have charged the Defender) and he caught a Defender charge in the back and died.

After that it was just some mopping up and Sorcha went down. Her and the Destroyers attached to her were pretty useless the whole game, doing almost no damage even with boosted shots.

Even though I lost this was a very fun format. I'm looking forward to the Breast Cancer Brawl this weekend to see if I can do a better job with the Trolls.

Monday, November 1, 2010

October Summary

October was a pretty good month for me hobby wise. I managed to get to the LGS twice for some games (something I haven't been able to do much recently), paint a bunch, and stay on budget again!

New Model Fund
I started with $71.25 in October. I spent $33.99 on the new Trolls book and $35.94 on Horthol for my Breast Cancer Brawl list leaving me with $1.32 left in the bank. I'll start November with $50.66.

Painting for Points
Going into this month I was at 72 points - only 6 points shy of my total points from 2009. I painted an Earthborn Dire Troll, Troll Bouncer, and Grissel Bloodsong for 8 points total and a 80 for 2010. I've got a head start on 3 Long Riders and Horthol because they need to be done for next weekend, and that's another 9 points right there - maybe I can get 100 points by the end of December?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Deadly Duos Halloween Tournament

Tomorrow I'm heading down to my LGS for a Halloween tournament. The format is a little strange but seems like it will be a good time. One 50 point list with two 'casters and only 'jacks. Huh?

It was a pretty easy choice for me to go with the Khador to this tournament, mostly because I'd have to bring a ton of light 'beasts if I went with Trolls and I can't think of any way they'd be able to contribute. They could take out other lights, but my Khador heavies can do everything!

Once I picked out my faction I had to think about which 'casters to bring. pButcher was a no brainer - Full Throttle is a great way to get a lot of use out of a little bit of Focus and his feat means that my army of 'jacks will be even scarier.

pIrusk and Zerkova just don't do much for 'jacks, so I was left looking at pSorcha and Strakhov as my second. Initially I wanted to bring Strakhov for the alpha strike potential of his feat and Superiority, but he's a bit of a one trick pony and didn't offer a whole lot of 'jack support outside of his feat.

I picked pSorcha because her feat means all of my 'jacks can auto-hit in melee (so I can spend focus on extra attacks) and I had a nasty idea to give her two Destroyers so that I could drop POW 14 bombards all over the map.

my two Troll heavies pretending to be 'jacks

Here's my list:



My plan is pretty simple. Butcher and his 5 friends will advance up the middle and play attrition games against the other 'jacks. A combination of his feat, Full Throttle, and any of Sorcha's knock down vectors should mean I can knock out a few pieces of the other army quickly.

Sorcha is my 'caster killer. If I can sneak two boosted bombards onto an enemy 'caster I can deal a big blow to the other army, and I'm confident I can keep her safe. With Wind Rush and Iron Flesh she'll be running around comfortably at DEF 21 and against a bunch of MAT 6 ish 'jacks I like her chances.

I had to borrow a second Destroyer and Devastator from the local Press Ganger (I only own 5 'jacks!) - the two Troll heavies in the photo are my stand-ins until I can pick up the models.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thoughts on the Dire Troll Bomber

First off, what a sweet model.

image from Privateer Press

That alone would probably be enough to convince me to field this guy, but his rules are awesome too!

His Powder Bombs are POW 16, AOE 4. My Kodiaks have POW 16 fists, but they aren't AOE 4 and don't have and 8" range (12" with Snipe, and up to 17" if I walk him forward)! These things will put big holes in 'jacks and even bigger holes in infantry units. He's also no slouch in melee either, packing a pair of POW 15 claws.

His MAT and RAT aren't anything to write home about but they'll get the job done with a boost. He has 4 Fury to throw around so I can boost the hit rolls on high DEF infantry, or the damage rolls on high ARM 'jacks to make sure he gets the job done.

I'm not blown away by his animus, which gives a friendly unit immunity to blast damage. The only use I can think of is to put it on one of my low DEF models, run that model near something with high DEF, and then start throwing bombs at it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thoughts on Troll Scouts

I've been making my way slowly through the new Trolls book and thought I'd give my thoughts on some of the new models / units that I'm finding interesting. Up first are the Scouts.

image from Privateer Press

SPD 6 is nice, and pairs well with Pathfinder and Advance Deploy to really get them moving. They can also charge clear through forests to get to enemy units on the other side thanks to Hunter.

MAT 6 isn't anything amazing on its own, but combined with Gang and any of the MAT buffs available to Trolls these guys are going to reliably hit DEF 15 in melee. RAT 5 is less impressive (and there aren't nearly as many RAT buffs available) but Hunter does mean that enemies aren't getting any defensive shooting buffs.

DEF 13 is on the higher end for Trolls and should probably be buffed by whatever piece of terrain they're sitting in. ARM 13 is not great, but hopefully the high DEF will keep them safe.

Assault and Gang are where these guys really shine. On an Assault charge the unit is going to throw out 6 axes at RAT 5 POW 11 coming into melee. If the thrown axe kills something, they're get to make another RAT 8, POW 13+2D6 attack on something else, and if it didn't kill they'll be making a RAT 8, POW 13+3D6 follow up attack - that all assumes that Gang is in effect. And that's just their own stats, imagine what some Troll buffs could do!

The models look a bit weird, but the pig, jug of moon-shine, and whelp playing a guitar are selling me on them.

I envision these guys being deployed on a flank in some cover and just waiting around for something juicy to appear. They'll be tough to dig out of a forest and can threaten a big area of the field with their 9" threat range. They'll be able to reliably do damage to other AD units and flankers or help scrape off units from a Kriel Warrior tar pit.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grissel Bloodsong

I've been on a bit of a painting roll lately and this was my project for this past weekend.

The tournament I'm painting this army for is the Breast Cancer Brawl so I thought it would be fun to add a little pink to the army. Grissel's scarf was a pretty obvious choice for the pink because it is shaped like a breast cancer ribbon.

I have 4 cavalry models and one more infantry model left for this army and two weeks left to get it done.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Troll Bouncer

Here's another beast finished for my Trolls army, a Troll Bouncer.

This was another model I really enjoyed painting after grinding through the Kriel Warriors a few weeks ago. He was quick to do with just enough detail to keep me interested but not enough to slow me down.

All that's left for the army are the 3 Long Riders, Horthol, and Grissel, and I think Grissel is going to be next on my painting table.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Malifaux Tournament Destruction

I haven't made it to my LGS in over a month so when I heard there was a Malifaux tournament this past Sunday I decided to head over and play some army men. The format was a 35ss Brawl. Since I only have the one Master and didn't have the money or interest in purchasing more models I got to add 10ss to my pool.

I brought the Viktorias, 3 Ronin, 2 Gunslingers, Taelor, and Misaki.

the crew

I haven't read the new book yet so I didn't know what any of the new models did, and only having one Master was a huge handicap. I was tabled in my first two games pretty badly.

a brave last stand

I probably would have won my last game but time was called before I could get going and it wouldn't have mattered much for my overall standing.

Ronin sneaking up the castle walls

I'm pretty out of my depth in this game. Most of the players at the tournament play Malifaux as their primary game, and I'd hesitate to even call this a secondary game for me. Still, it was fun to get back to the LGS and play a few games after not being able to for a while.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Earthborn Dire Troll

After painting serious amounts of infantry lately it was a nice break to work on this guy for the past few nights. He was primed white so the yellow is a little brighter than usual, but it took a lot fewer coats to get it right than usual over the black primer. I also went lighter on the brown wash with this guy since I've been going pretty heavy recently.

The model itself was a lot of fun to paint - so far both of the Dire Trolls I've painted up have been. They're simple in design and don't have a lot of tiny details to paint, but I enjoy the musculature and the faces (probably because they're so big).

I think he turned out well and the 35 point Grissel list is starting to look good!

Monday, October 4, 2010

September Summary

This was a bit of a slow month for me hobby wise on almost all fronts. On the up side I didn't spent much on models - on the down side, I didn't get to my LGS at all.

New Model Fund
I started this month with 50 dollars and kept my spending super low for a second straight month. The only thing I bought was No Quarter 32 so I'll have $71.25 for October. Who knows what that will turn into - maybe a Cygnar battle box?

Painting for Points
Last month I went a little crazy and painted 12 models. This month I had more going on so I was only able to paint a Pyre Troll and the other 6 Kriel Warriors, taking my yearly total up to 72. I'm now only 6 points away from matching last year's total of 78!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kriel Warriors and Unit Attachment

I haven't painted a big unit for a Warmachine army in a while and getting these guys done was a struggle. Here they are defending a hill on my floor.

I was pretty heavy with the wash on these most recent six so they're a bit darker than the others, but all lined up they look about the same and I'm just happy they're done.

I think I'll do the two warbeasts next to get a break from infantry.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Product Review - CNC Workshop Paint Racks

I recently bought two paint racks from CNC Worshop and built them this weekend.

The come on what are, essentially, wooden sprues and need to be clipped or cut out. I didn't have much trouble using a sharp knife to get everything off the sprue and cleaned of flash.

There are a bunch of pieces, including a few small ones that I almost threw out (bottom left corner). Make sure you're paying attention to the direction sheet when cutting stuff.

The hardest part of the assembly process was dealing with the slow drying time of wood glue and coming up with a good way to put pressure on all of the glued joints while they dried.

Here is the first one done and holding half of my paints. Each rack will hold 33 pots of Games Workshop paint without any trouble. I have a few Vallejo paints that also fit but they sit a bit lower in the slots.

My only complaint with these things is that they're quite expensive since they had to be shipped from Australia. Obviously they weren't too expensive (I did purchase two) and now that they're all set up I'm quite happy with them.

In addition to these paint racks, CNC sells tool organizers, game accessories, and a ton of really nice looking scenery. If I were in the market for a few buildings for my game table this is probably the first place I'd look.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Free Ticket to Templecon!

Summer is a little slow on the Warmachine front in my LGS. However, with the weather cooling off and people taking fewer vacations our local Press Ganger has a plan to get everyone excited about playing again - he's putting together a tournament series and the winner of the series gets a free ticket to Templecon 2010!

I had mixed feelings about the last gaming convention I went to, Games Day Baltimore 2009. However, since the local Press Gang team is heavily involved in planning and running Templecon and many of the local players have attended I've heard a lot of good things in the past year and I'd like to attend this year if I can. A free ticket would go a long way to convincing me.

Here's the deal. There are four tournaments at my LGS between next weekend and January 1st. The top 3 finishers get 5, 4, and 3 points respectively while everyone else gets 2. An additional bonus point is awarded for having a fully painted army. After the four tournaments, whoever has the most the points wins the ticket to Templecon (there are a few more rules but that's the general idea).

I'm not the best player around but I think I have a chance to take second or third in a few of these tournaments, and I'm planning to always pick up that painting point. My biggest concern is that I can't make the first tournament this weekend and that might put me out of the running before I even start, but I'm still going to give it a go.

In the spirit of getting my Trolls all painted for these tournaments, here's a quick WIP shot of my Kriel Warriors after a little painting time tonight:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Breast Cancer Brawl

Every year at my LGS the Press Gangers organize a Breast Cancer Brawl tournament to raise money for the Boston Pink and Black Campaign for breast cancer awareness and prevention. I wasn't playing at this time last year but I'm excited to attend.

The tournament is on November 6th and since the format only allows a single 35 point list I want to have my Grissel list fully painted. Here's where I am right now:

Grissel - unpainted
+Earthborn Dire Troll - unpainted
+Troll Bouncer - unpainted
+Pyre Troll - done
10 Kriel Warriors + UA - 6 models painted
3 Long Riders - unpainted
Horthol - unpainted (he isn't in the photo because I don't own him yet)

That's quite a bit of work (8 medium bases and 5 large bases) but I think I can get it done in the 6 or 7 weeks I have before the tournament.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pyre Troll

Here's my most recent Troll, and the very first model painted in my new apartment!

This guy had a little more effort put into him than my other Trolls, mostly because I enjoy painting red and I really like this model. I haven't fully settled in yet so he was primed white using gesso. The white was a challenge for me but I think it really made the colors pop on the model.

The fire was done using a brush thralls tutorial as a starting point and some improvising on my part. I started with Sunburst Yellow, mixed in a little Blazing Orange, and then added a little Blood Red for the very tops of the flames. I also did a light wash of Gryphonne Sepia to give the fists a little depth and to bring out the details.

I think he came out well, and now he just needs a little dull coat to knock out the shine from the washes.