Friday, October 29, 2010

Deadly Duos Halloween Tournament

Tomorrow I'm heading down to my LGS for a Halloween tournament. The format is a little strange but seems like it will be a good time. One 50 point list with two 'casters and only 'jacks. Huh?

It was a pretty easy choice for me to go with the Khador to this tournament, mostly because I'd have to bring a ton of light 'beasts if I went with Trolls and I can't think of any way they'd be able to contribute. They could take out other lights, but my Khador heavies can do everything!

Once I picked out my faction I had to think about which 'casters to bring. pButcher was a no brainer - Full Throttle is a great way to get a lot of use out of a little bit of Focus and his feat means that my army of 'jacks will be even scarier.

pIrusk and Zerkova just don't do much for 'jacks, so I was left looking at pSorcha and Strakhov as my second. Initially I wanted to bring Strakhov for the alpha strike potential of his feat and Superiority, but he's a bit of a one trick pony and didn't offer a whole lot of 'jack support outside of his feat.

I picked pSorcha because her feat means all of my 'jacks can auto-hit in melee (so I can spend focus on extra attacks) and I had a nasty idea to give her two Destroyers so that I could drop POW 14 bombards all over the map.

my two Troll heavies pretending to be 'jacks

Here's my list:



My plan is pretty simple. Butcher and his 5 friends will advance up the middle and play attrition games against the other 'jacks. A combination of his feat, Full Throttle, and any of Sorcha's knock down vectors should mean I can knock out a few pieces of the other army quickly.

Sorcha is my 'caster killer. If I can sneak two boosted bombards onto an enemy 'caster I can deal a big blow to the other army, and I'm confident I can keep her safe. With Wind Rush and Iron Flesh she'll be running around comfortably at DEF 21 and against a bunch of MAT 6 ish 'jacks I like her chances.

I had to borrow a second Destroyer and Devastator from the local Press Ganger (I only own 5 'jacks!) - the two Troll heavies in the photo are my stand-ins until I can pick up the models.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thoughts on the Dire Troll Bomber

First off, what a sweet model.

image from Privateer Press

That alone would probably be enough to convince me to field this guy, but his rules are awesome too!

His Powder Bombs are POW 16, AOE 4. My Kodiaks have POW 16 fists, but they aren't AOE 4 and don't have and 8" range (12" with Snipe, and up to 17" if I walk him forward)! These things will put big holes in 'jacks and even bigger holes in infantry units. He's also no slouch in melee either, packing a pair of POW 15 claws.

His MAT and RAT aren't anything to write home about but they'll get the job done with a boost. He has 4 Fury to throw around so I can boost the hit rolls on high DEF infantry, or the damage rolls on high ARM 'jacks to make sure he gets the job done.

I'm not blown away by his animus, which gives a friendly unit immunity to blast damage. The only use I can think of is to put it on one of my low DEF models, run that model near something with high DEF, and then start throwing bombs at it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thoughts on Troll Scouts

I've been making my way slowly through the new Trolls book and thought I'd give my thoughts on some of the new models / units that I'm finding interesting. Up first are the Scouts.

image from Privateer Press

SPD 6 is nice, and pairs well with Pathfinder and Advance Deploy to really get them moving. They can also charge clear through forests to get to enemy units on the other side thanks to Hunter.

MAT 6 isn't anything amazing on its own, but combined with Gang and any of the MAT buffs available to Trolls these guys are going to reliably hit DEF 15 in melee. RAT 5 is less impressive (and there aren't nearly as many RAT buffs available) but Hunter does mean that enemies aren't getting any defensive shooting buffs.

DEF 13 is on the higher end for Trolls and should probably be buffed by whatever piece of terrain they're sitting in. ARM 13 is not great, but hopefully the high DEF will keep them safe.

Assault and Gang are where these guys really shine. On an Assault charge the unit is going to throw out 6 axes at RAT 5 POW 11 coming into melee. If the thrown axe kills something, they're get to make another RAT 8, POW 13+2D6 attack on something else, and if it didn't kill they'll be making a RAT 8, POW 13+3D6 follow up attack - that all assumes that Gang is in effect. And that's just their own stats, imagine what some Troll buffs could do!

The models look a bit weird, but the pig, jug of moon-shine, and whelp playing a guitar are selling me on them.

I envision these guys being deployed on a flank in some cover and just waiting around for something juicy to appear. They'll be tough to dig out of a forest and can threaten a big area of the field with their 9" threat range. They'll be able to reliably do damage to other AD units and flankers or help scrape off units from a Kriel Warrior tar pit.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grissel Bloodsong

I've been on a bit of a painting roll lately and this was my project for this past weekend.

The tournament I'm painting this army for is the Breast Cancer Brawl so I thought it would be fun to add a little pink to the army. Grissel's scarf was a pretty obvious choice for the pink because it is shaped like a breast cancer ribbon.

I have 4 cavalry models and one more infantry model left for this army and two weeks left to get it done.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Troll Bouncer

Here's another beast finished for my Trolls army, a Troll Bouncer.

This was another model I really enjoyed painting after grinding through the Kriel Warriors a few weeks ago. He was quick to do with just enough detail to keep me interested but not enough to slow me down.

All that's left for the army are the 3 Long Riders, Horthol, and Grissel, and I think Grissel is going to be next on my painting table.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Malifaux Tournament Destruction

I haven't made it to my LGS in over a month so when I heard there was a Malifaux tournament this past Sunday I decided to head over and play some army men. The format was a 35ss Brawl. Since I only have the one Master and didn't have the money or interest in purchasing more models I got to add 10ss to my pool.

I brought the Viktorias, 3 Ronin, 2 Gunslingers, Taelor, and Misaki.

the crew

I haven't read the new book yet so I didn't know what any of the new models did, and only having one Master was a huge handicap. I was tabled in my first two games pretty badly.

a brave last stand

I probably would have won my last game but time was called before I could get going and it wouldn't have mattered much for my overall standing.

Ronin sneaking up the castle walls

I'm pretty out of my depth in this game. Most of the players at the tournament play Malifaux as their primary game, and I'd hesitate to even call this a secondary game for me. Still, it was fun to get back to the LGS and play a few games after not being able to for a while.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Earthborn Dire Troll

After painting serious amounts of infantry lately it was a nice break to work on this guy for the past few nights. He was primed white so the yellow is a little brighter than usual, but it took a lot fewer coats to get it right than usual over the black primer. I also went lighter on the brown wash with this guy since I've been going pretty heavy recently.

The model itself was a lot of fun to paint - so far both of the Dire Trolls I've painted up have been. They're simple in design and don't have a lot of tiny details to paint, but I enjoy the musculature and the faces (probably because they're so big).

I think he turned out well and the 35 point Grissel list is starting to look good!

Monday, October 4, 2010

September Summary

This was a bit of a slow month for me hobby wise on almost all fronts. On the up side I didn't spent much on models - on the down side, I didn't get to my LGS at all.

New Model Fund
I started this month with 50 dollars and kept my spending super low for a second straight month. The only thing I bought was No Quarter 32 so I'll have $71.25 for October. Who knows what that will turn into - maybe a Cygnar battle box?

Painting for Points
Last month I went a little crazy and painted 12 models. This month I had more going on so I was only able to paint a Pyre Troll and the other 6 Kriel Warriors, taking my yearly total up to 72. I'm now only 6 points away from matching last year's total of 78!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kriel Warriors and Unit Attachment

I haven't painted a big unit for a Warmachine army in a while and getting these guys done was a struggle. Here they are defending a hill on my floor.

I was pretty heavy with the wash on these most recent six so they're a bit darker than the others, but all lined up they look about the same and I'm just happy they're done.

I think I'll do the two warbeasts next to get a break from infantry.